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Any Hope For The Lost Books Being Finally Released?


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I would say little to no hope. Perhaps another company might be able to reach a deal with Hero Games to produce such materials. But I would say that unless there is a major shift in philosophy at Hero Games, such products are unlikely to produced by them.  I think what you are likely to see, from Hero Games, is complete games with both rules and settings, like Champions Complete, Fantasy Hero Complete, and Monster Hunter International. I'm not sure they see a market for supplements and are willing to leave that kind of thing to third party publishers.


How is releasing a chapter at a time cheap?  Are you suggesting that each chapter be sold individually, so as to raise the money to produce the next chapter?

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This also assumes that the books were actually completed such that there may only be layout and publishing costs. I obviously don't know the actual state of any of the books, but it seems unlikely that they have all of the announced products actually written.

As far as I know, none of them were written.  I would suspect that, at most, there may have been some outlines or rough notes for some of them, 

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