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Necessary Evil, Bay City Edition

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Spoilers about the Savage Worlds Superhero(SuperVillain) Plot Point Adventure "Necessary Evil" are past this post. This first post will be about the Pre Campaign Adventure. So don't read past this post if you don't want any spoilers. I won't be spoiler tagging anything. Also, if you have spoiler info about upcoming adventure segments PLEASE spoiler tag those parts so my players don't see them. A number of them DO at least lurk here.

First about the Campaign it's self 6e 500pts. Averages DC 12 Dex 23, SPD 5, CV 9, Def 24. 75 max points per power. The Characters are Villains of a Silver Age Feel, with some Bronze age about them. ie No Psychokillers, no Silly characters etc. I actually created all of the PC's so far with a LOT of Player feedback and discussion. To create some order and to give the Players something to think about I gave them Archetypes and made them choose one.
The PC's
Darkest Knight (Sorcerer)- Uses shadows cloak and send damaging tendrils from unexpected directions
Dr Pestilence (Gadgeteer, kind of)- has some gadgets, but mainly uses his control over diseases to sicken and damage his foes
Fixer (Mentalist) a Contract Devil, He's an ex casino owning mobbed up wise guy with Infernal Connections. He can give you your deepest desires or greatest nightmares
Volknir (Brick) He's the Anti Thor. Has a Hammer and everything. He's an Asgard raised Human who used to pal around with Thor. Has Thor's hammer tricks.
Fury (Martial Artist). She's the last known hero in the world. She opens wormholes from place to place. Practitioner of Jeet Kune Do.

BRIEF Background:

Bay City a collection of all of the cities and communities along the San Francisco Bay Area. The communities reincorporated into one supercity after WWII.


Bestial Aliens invaded earth. The sharkmen AKA K'tharen invaded and things weren't looking too well. Eventually another Alien Race called the V'sori came to Earth's aid and ended the invasion very quickly helping earth's Superheroes win the war. With the Victory Celebrations took place across the globe. It was all a nasty trick to get the Heroes concentrated in a few locations that were quickly vaporized with Mass driver(ie HUGE Railgun projectiles) shots from the V'sori armada. The V'sori with their K'tharen shock troopers quickly took the globe and the world governments surrendered quickly.

  From his Island Destruga, Doctor Destroyer saw all of this happen. HE wasn't going to allow lesser beings to control the world. He is the one that is the most qualified to lead both in this crisis and later the appreciative world when HE destroyed the Alien Invaders. Doctor Destroyer then set about fulfilling his masterplan only to have his minions captured and imprisoned with the rest of the Superpowered population. It seemed that even HIS weapons couldn't make a dent in the Alien's defenses. Next he barely escaped with is life when the V'sori bombarded Destruga and every other known Destroyer base with Mass Driver projectiles  So he would need to come at this from another direction altogether... First he would need some new minions to do his bidding. Then he would need to use a base that no one knew about.

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Session  0.5

A shake down adventure/combat to both teach the rudiments of the system and debug the PC's.


The PC's have worked together two at a time for years. They all know of one another. So when they ended up in the Treasure Island Prison Camp, they ended up clustering together. They had collars that muffled their powers esp movement and defensive powers. Also the collars had an explosive charge that would go if if the prisoner went outside the confines of the Prison or if someone tampered with the collars. The Villain Brick was the first casualty of the collars, which showed that even the nigh Invulnerable people were vulnerable to the collars. The prisoners were taken out to an exercise yard daily where occasionally the Guards would pick fights between the inmates. They would turn off the power dampeners and watch the inmates fight. Often making bets on who would win.

That day the PC's were in the yard talking with Fury, who is the oddity in the prison. Being the only hero there. Also, Grond was there using the Mega Sized Workout equipment. One Guard decided to see what the PC's would do with a POed Grond in their face. So he whispered some lie about how the PC's betrayed Grond blah blah. Grond goes berserk and comes after Fury the one Hero. The villains (PC's) saw Grond coming and assumed he was after them. So they battled. Darkest Knight got a lucky shot and hit Grond in his eye which caused catastrophic damage to him. Next was Dr Pestilence who blinded Grond with a degenerative Eye disease. The real stand out was Fixer who after fooling with an illusion of the guards, changed tactics and hit Grond with his Images of Hellfire (Mental Attack). That caused Grond to freak out and also his tiny brain to shut down over the mental fire etc. Grond did manage to knock Fury and Dr Pestilence on their butts (stunned). The group got a lot of Prison cred for taking Grond out. Also the guards were more careful of the PC's.

What I thought about the Adventure:
It was a normal Champions combat. People caught on quickly and the action was fast paced

6e Grond is written for a MUCH higher powerlevel than my poor DC 12 folk. 40PD is IMHO on the high side. The +2 spd only for punching was annoying. I just treated him as 4 spd and then on 6 and 12 I had Grond throw 2 punches.

Also Dr Destroyer is Way over the top when it comes to being Overpowered.

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Episode 1 Jailbreak:

The team having been warned that someone was coming to break them out and that the someone sounded like Doctor Destroyer. They were not surprised when an alien craft hovered over the exercise yard a week later. Their Collars turned green. Then they heard the Announcement. "I have need of 6 of you to become my minions, to serve ME in MY war against the Alien usurpers. I require 6 of you to join me. I want only the best 6 of you so you have 5 minutes to prove your worth."


In the yard that day were
Foxbat (who was harassing Fury and cruising for a bruising)

Photon (hanging around with Howler and keeping the guys at bay)
Howler (see above)

Sunspot (Talking to the last guy, Ankylosaur)

Ankylosaur (Just hanging out and in the shade)

I know you are all thinking "But Jenna, half of those villains use focuses. Why did the Aliens allow everyone to keep their toys?" That's simple, The Alien's tech makes all super powers useless against them (ie they have a ton of Damage Negation vs superpowers and earth weapons). The Aliens have such contempt for the Earth's technology and magics etc. They generally don't bother to take anyone focuses.


Our Villain Team won, but Foxbat had to switch sides (it was all part of his "Master Plan") (more info on the battle later)
Exciting battle interspersed with Foxbat being delusional and wacky.

After the battle the survivors went up to Dr Destroyer's ship. Dr Destroyer then said "I require you to swear an oath of alligence to me before we can go further." Sunspot who had only been picked up because 2 other alien ships came to chase Dr D's Ship off and destroy it. Sunspot told Dr Destroyer that he wouldn't swear anything to him. Destroyer turned to him and said "Very well as you wish" and blasted Sunspot into particles. He turned to the rest "Swear Alligence to me so we can destroy these alien interlopers and then take over the world" Foxbat smiled and said "That's not part of my master plan" and jumped out of the ship.  The rest of the PC's swore Alligence to Dr Destroyer. He put them in a hidden base and told them to lay low that he would get back to them with something to do.

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Sounds fun! I'm also running a Necessary Evil game using Champions, but ours has a darker feel than yours. (No Foxbat :() Big change I made is my PCs aren't working for Dr. Destroyer, mainly because one of the players wanted to run a Dr. Doom homage and the game didn't really need two.


Our game kinda got bogged down initially: too many dangling plot threads, not enough direction. (I always have that problem writing villain games - heroes are easier, because they're usually reacting to what the NPC villains are doing, but villain PCs can go off any direction they want to  so I have a harder time keeping things focused.) But I think we've got things back on track now. Maybe I'll post some summaries later - it'd be fun to watch the two games develop side-by-side.

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Episode 2 Molepeople Power Co.  pt 1- Moving Day.

This week the team set up their Hidden base in San Francisco's China Basin area (away from the ballpark). In an old Warehouse/Commercial Office. This was time for the team to get to know one another and for players to set up their character's Quirks. One player checked up on their Pizza shop business which had gained a K'tharen (Sharkman) clientèle. They were trading free pizza for supplies (including various fresh fish).

Eventually after getting set up and basically running. They were summoned into the conference room for a Video meeting with Dr Destroyer. He informed them that they were to find the secret base of the Dead Villain Terron. Terron has a powerplant there harnassing the magma below the earth's crust. They are to meet up with Valerie who is the queen/leader of the Molefolk (underground folk?). Make a deal with her so she will show the team the entrance to the complex. The team is to secure the complex and then be ready to install the Destroyertech to transmit the power. They met with Valerie, made the deal, She wants Food.Medicine, untracable power, and fast internet. The party agrees and the Molefolk show the party the entrance to the Base. They are currently exploring the base.

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I actually am running a Necessary Evil game set in the HERO/Champions universe.  It's more of a globe-trotting game than the Savage Worlds book- as the heroes have travelled to: Millennium City, Los Angeles, Vibora Bay, Washington DC, Hudson City, London, Amsterdam, Montreal and Tokyo.


Is your game still going?  I started mine back in January and it's still going strong despite having a player drop out and another player replace him. 

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