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I could use a little help or Inspiration for a character

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So I'm drawing blanks on a character for our current Champions campaign, my current character is effectively a group taxi and uninspiring with little to know depth or interaction with anything in the setting.  Talking with the GM tonight we agreed it might be more beneficial to start from scratch with a new concept instead of trying to fix the problems with the existing character as I was really not feeling anything as to where the character could go.  Now with the current plot going on in our world and some further discussion we semi-settled on a bio-engineered escapee from Malachite


I've used most of my limited scope of familiar comic book heroes to create characters I've used in the past so what I'm really looking for is some cool pointers or ideas on what I could do with this character.  Kinda crowd sourcing for inspiration you know.


I do appreciate the help guys.

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Superheroic, standard Champions as far as I've seen with nothing too crazy.  We've run up against Argent and some gang members that's pretty much it.  Had one battle against a Malachite creation named Perfection.


Team right now is;

Brass Knuckles (not actually his name but a translation of it) - pretty much a Brass Body clone from Iron Fist

Blur - speed ster, goes to speedster anonymous meetings, floats just above the ground, lots of speed tricks

Element akaThe original ginger - immortal elementalist that has been there and seen that

Ceric - Dan, alien pretty tough brawler/blaster

Troupe - Alien, shapechanging centered on what she's seen on tv in the form of female characters (Abby Shudo from NCIS etc.)

Forge - Think Iron Man in a junk yard with hub cap missiles

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It looks like a Bio engineered Super Soldier could fit...I'd look at Captain America, but with Animal DNA based powers. So you end up as Batman, without the Utility belt. Boss stats, but inside "human", and ID, Tracking Scent, Ultrasonic hearing, Parabolic hearing, Breath H2O, immunity to Disease, and Toxins, Immunity to high, and low temp, that sort of thing. You can toss in Streetwise, and other stealth and investigation skills. Hunted by Malachite, Psych lim Code of the Hero (overcompensating for origin) etc... :yes:

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Blur - speed ster, goes to speedster anonymous meetings, floats just above the ground, lots of speed tricks

I love this!


Ok, are you looking for something strange and original, or something more straightforward but maybe with a new angle?

What generally do you like? Melee, range, strength, speed, etc.






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I love this!


Ok, are you looking for something strange and original, or something more straightforward but maybe with a new angle?

What generally do you like? Melee, range, strength, speed, etc.






Yeah we get a kick out of some of his shenanigans.  The hilarity that ensued from him infiltrating a law office and trying to 'walk normal' and him pantomiming what he was doing was priceless.

To answer your question what I've played in the past and enjoyed has tended to be brick based characters but we do have a bit of that already in this group and I was trying to do something different with this guy.  Now while I love rolling tons of dice and doing lots of damage or such things it invariably comes around that someone notices and you are the classic glass cannon and spend the rest of that segment unconscious, not my idea of fun.


I thought Pinecones input about the animal DNA was interesting, maybe more of a fleshing out of how he was created vs. what he does or maybe just a refinement?


One of the ideas I was bouncing around my head so far is this;

Cypher; infiltration/spy/assassin specialist; gadgets to do things like memic/cloak himself as other people; special pistol user maybe?; Maybe psionically active to help with the whole infiltration angle.

Just some thoughts but when they started bouncing around it looked interesting and reminded me a lot of Cable though I do not know Cable beyond a few general details.  Oh and what I'm looking for?  Either or really.  I'm not as up to date on the rules of Champions as much as I'd like, hence asking for help.  My main requirement would be is it fun to play.

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Well, this is off the top of my head...and 5th edition I suspect...



Dx 21 (snakelike reflexes)


Spd on high end of game (5 or 6?)


Commando martial arts, 19 points?, +3DC? (+12 pts?)


Night Vision...5?

LS: High/Low Temp...3?

LS: Breath H2O...5?

LS: Imunnity: Toxins, Disease   10?

Id, and Tracking for smell group   10?

Ultrasonic hearing, Parabolic hearing   10-15?


Pheremnones: +10 Pres  -1/4 lim? (not usable for defense)


Then go "skill monger"  Conversation, Detective work, Streetwise, Pick locks, security system, Compi sci, Stealth, Concealment, Acrobatics, Climbing, Breakfall


Enviro move: Narrow surfaces (cat like!)  +3" swim,run, and leap, a couple of levels (Overall?) and see how many points you have left... :)

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Oh, well you should be able to take Penalty Skill levels, unless that's why Enviro went away....Old School you buy levels with Movement: Only to cancel Penaltys (-1) and stick it too the Man. :rockon:


I'm surprised that they removed that though...it's "cool", and hardly breaks the game. :yes: I am trying to build a 6th edition char, once I get done, I'll try to scatch out a basic outline, and post it for ya. :yes:


158 left? That should let you build a good character. Just grab some CV's, a good Stun, and recovery. maybe 2x Combat Luck ( More snakelike reflexes) and call it good.

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For an idea along the animal DNA line- the character could be a not-too-bright former henchman of Malachite (I can't remember, does he do henchmen?) who got hit one too many time with the Devolution Ray for screwing up. 


This caused a massive flux in his DNA that allows him to "unlock" animal DNA all the way back along the mammalian chain, so he can gain powers like Sonar but it causes him to grow bat-like ears, skin flaps like a squirrel or bat to glide, cat-like eyes for night-vision, clearly visible alterations in his skeletal structure and bipedal stance for enhanced running, etc.- basically all his powers are accompanied with visible physical deformities. 


But, because he's not too bright, he needs his team mates to yell out animal powers for him to change or make a Power: Imagination (or something similar) power roll- basically a VPP that requires either team mates' suggestions or power skill roll to change points and all the powers must take Distinctive Features as a side effect of the powers.

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With just the above it was 242 of 400.  The only thing I couldn't figure out how to buy was the environmental movement abilities as that power went away.  It's interesting so far.

Environmental Movement is not a Power, it's a Talent and it still is in the rules.


Champions Complete pg 40


6E1 pg 113


I don't have a PDF of 5E (I'm at work and don't have my books) but I know it was in that edition as well.

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Oh, there was this one idea I had for My Deerborn Academy teen heroes/villains setting idea.


The character is a power mimic/gestalt- meaning she touches two separate people and mimics a power that is a weird amalgam of their combined powers.  The example I always liked for that was she touches one kid with Magnetic powers and another with super-strength and end up with electromagnetic strength- essentially anything ferrous she touched she could affect as with super strength or electromagnetic abilities.  Another would be touch one person with fire powers and another with ice powers and end up firing off a thermal pulse that causes whiplash temperature variations in the area of effect that might freeze one person while burning the person right next to them.  Still trying to figure out the exact dynamics of such a power though- WIP. 

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Enviro move is still around...p. 40 in Champs complete...


Temp. "working" name: Wild


ST 25

DX 21

Con 25

Int  13

Ego  10

Pres  20 (30)





Spd 5

PD 15

ED 15

Rec 10

End 50

Body 15

Stun 50


Total 206



Commando 19 (M/S,M/B,M/D,M/Th, M. Disarm)

+3 DC

Usable w/ Knife, Club  +2








Security Systems

Compi Sci



Survival: Forest,Jungle,Desert  +2

Analyze; Fighting style/ Technique


Total 71    plenty of room to expand here, more skills, and levels.



Danger Sense: In and out, Sense, own senses   19

Animal senses: Nightvision

Hawkeye: Telescopic; Sight +8 vs RM

Wolf nose: Discrim, Tracking: Scent

Wolf ears: Telescopic: Hearing +8 vs RM

Keen ears: Ultrasonic hearing


Pheremnones: +10 Pres not defensive -1/4


Gills: LS: Breath H2O

Resistant: LS: Immune Toxins, Diseases

Adaptive: LS: High/Low Temp


Catlike! Enviro move: Narrow surfaces


Swift! +3" Run, swim, leap    9 pts (+6M of each)


Snakelike reflexes: Combat Luck, x2


Iron will: Mental Def (10)


Combat Knife: HKA D6+1, AP, REnd>0, OAF, No KB   12 pts

Baton: HA +2D6  REnd>0, OAF   6 pts


Total 123 pts


If I did not mess up that should add to 400. :) You might want to move things around some, but this looks like a good skill monger with super senses. :) And there is plenty of room to spend exp on improvements.

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Pretty much the analogue to Teleios for the 4E CU, with a few differences. His genetic code was the product of Nazi experimentation during WW II (although Malachite is not himself a Nazi, he pretty much sees himself as a Nietzchean superman). Unlike Teleios, he was born "perfect." He also conquered and rules his own nation in the Atlantic Ocean, the Malachite Islands.

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