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I've got the following drive I'm using for Starships in Star Hero/Fantasy Hero setting Exodus:

Fold Drive: Faster-Than-Light Travel (512 LY/year) (28 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost 10x END (-4), Costs Endurance Costs END Every Phase (-1/2) 5 Real Points


It runs off the ship's power plant (END Reserve). The drive is normally controlled from a systems console on the bridge (or engineering) via a Systems Operation roll by a crewman or AI. Calculations can take up to ten minutes.


Now... let's say this drive is subject to a new set of genes that has been showing up in the current generation. Some women (76 so far) and a very small number of men (5 to date) have been born that can control and enhance this technology. They are known as the Kyastu.


Obviously, "enhance" would be an AID to FTL. But would "control" simply be some kind of FTL (usable by others)? And how to simulate the calculation time reduction?


In the d20 version of Exodus, it was no problem, but HERO requires a bit of balance... so any thoughts would be welcome...

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Not really sure what your asking.

But if your asking how I would write this up:

I would add the RSR(System Operations) to the drive. And for the Kyastu I would give them Aid to FTL with reduced rate of return and Skill levels in System Operations and maybe some kind of END Aid to represent that the drive is operating more efficent.

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Remember, in UNTIL Superpowers Database under 'Speedster Tricks', they go into buying Skill Levels with the Limitation "Only To Avoid Penalties For Hurrying" (-1)... and in the Big Black Book, it's -3 to Skill per level of the Time Chart you rush it.


So, reducing 10 minutes to 1 minute would be two steps down the Time Chart, or -6 to skill. 10 minutes to 1 Turn would be 3 steps, or -9.


+9 levels with Navigation(Space) or Systems Operation is 18 points, with the -1 limit, 9 points.

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Make a chart :)


I had the same problem recently for an aid power. A character wanted an energy being pet that could be shoved into a gun and used as a single charge in the case of emergencies...

Rather than an aid to charges - which would be damn difficult and fiddley to work out, I just made it a mimic VPP that was not consciously controlled (ie the pet's master controlled it).


Another method would be to have a transform power - it cuts over the fiddley rules calculations as well.

Transform bad engine into good engine...

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