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Traveller HERO conversion to 6th edition


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Just out of curiosity, as per the title of this thread, is there still an active effort to bring Traveler Hero to 6th ed.?


I don't think there's a way to get a licence from Far Futures to do more Hero Conversions. IIRC there's a exclusivity clause in Mongoose's Traveller Licence. Which is why we went from 4-5 different rulesets for traveller (Hero, D20, GURPS etc), to just one Mongoose Traveller (one more with Traveller 5). Shadowcat did a lot of work getting the 5e stuff on CD for sale again. I doubt we will see 6e stuff unless something changes with Mongoose. 


The Differences between versions means that the conversion is pretty easy. For folks who are not as fluent with 5e there is a conversion doc included on the CD.

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you can get them here, but its file by file I think, you can get the whole CD with everything for 35.00 from Marc Miller directly

at this link https://www.farfuture.net/


you can download the ToC from there if you dont want the whole CD. if you dont have a CD drive, just ask Marc to put it all on a flash drive

it was written for 5E as 6E wasnt published yet, theres a conversion doc there on the CD. I can be reached on the Hero-Champions-RPG[Unoffical] Discord page

to answer questions. I was one of the authors of it


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