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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three and BEYOOOOONND

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20 hours ago, Spence said:



Don't get me wrong.  I don't really consider them horrible movies.  Just movies that were made before they really had the movie tech to make a convincing supers movie.  Kind of like scifi movies from the 50/60's.  I like a lot of them, but they really didn't have the technology to do what they wanted.  But shows like the Teen Titans are actually worse in my opinion, it is like the people making the calls on casting and costuming had never seen any of the comics.  Just bad.  


But as to additional streaming services, DC, Disney, CBS and on, have a long way to go before I subscribe.  I really enjoy Game of Thrones, but no matter how much I like the show, I just can't subscribe to HBO for one, maybe two shows a year.  And that is all HBO usually has.  At least that is all they have that interests me, so paying for so little is not an option.


The same thing applies to most of the new streaming services. Like Old Man, I get Amazon Prime Video only because it came with Prime.  And I get Netflix, Hulu and CR because they carry shows from multiple sources.  If the streams and the pay cable networks offered true "ala carte", by which I mean the ability to purchase/rent specific titles/episodes, I'd probably watch their shows a lot more rather than waiting for a video release. 


The entertainment is littered with far more failures than successes, and this concept of 5000 separate streaming services is just another failure waiting to happen.  In my opinion of course :nonp:

My problem at home is, I don't subscribe to any. I live in a remote area and am limited to Satellite, which means I am limited to 50Gb of data a month, limiting what I could watch even if I wanted too. It's one of the things I am annoyed with my satellite about, but it is what it is. Where I am, don't really have an option barring an unknown rich relative dieing and deciding to leave me money. Its kind of annoying, as I would love to follow some of these shows. I use my friends Netflix for the Marvel ones, basically stream recording them with the extra I get from 2am to 8am at a lower level of quality.

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9 minutes ago, Bazza said:



    She doesn’t need the Gauntlet.  Scarlett controls the universe by smiling at it.   You do know that the move Lucy was a biography...right?

     It all works kind of like a feminine version of Chuck Norris.

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