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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase Three and BEYOOOOONND


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Awards like Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammys are won as much on the basis of politics and PR campaigns as they are on merit. This is not surprising since judging such creative endeavors is so subjective, and when there is no clear winner on the basis of merit, voters have to decide on some other basis, which is when the politics and other factors prevail. For instance, an actor who is regarded as "due" an award, having lost many times in the past, will get the nod even if their performance that year wasn't the best by some easily agreed-upon metric. Or maybe the voting body is given a mandate to promote diversity when "in doubt" over any particular category.


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On 9/12/2021 at 8:45 PM, Christopher R Taylor said:


Unless its changed, the Marvel Universe has earth as a Celestial Egg, which explains why all the superheroes etc.  Its part of the planetary defense mechanism

That was for Alex Ross' Earth-X dystopian future series, not the main in-continuity Marvel Universe. Which isn't to say that they won't use the plot line in the MCU movies. But the official comics explanation is that the Celestials tampered with human genetics about a million years before present, endowing them with the potential for super powers (both mutants and people who develop them in reaction to radiation accidents and such) just as they did on numerous other worlds. Whereas the Eternals offshoot of humanity are the actual Celestial-approved planetary defense system. And there are other factors in play like the earth being aligned with the Cosmic Axis, thus allowing people the opportunity to learn magic, encounter otherdimensional beings and be enhanced, etc.

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