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New Campaign

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My fantasy hero campaign is under way and going well, but I am just not satisfied yet.


I am thinking of starting a web/email based campaign. Let me know what you guys think, and if anyone wants to try it, send me an email @ markwp@northrock.bm


First, everyone gets a 450pt character. Complete background, history, etc. they start with an experienced and skilled Hero.


Second, everyone dies.


Then the game begins.


Based on a mechanism that I will not inform anyone of yet, the ghosts of the characters can try and affect the physical world. Experience will be in the form of greater success at using old abilities and greater control over your ghostlike condition.


Death means you are dissapated and need to try and reform. Depending on how seriously your energy is dispersed, it may take some time to reform.


The campaign will be loosly set on an alternative earth getting ready to launch it's first manned Mars mission in 2000.


The game will be loosly chronicled at my gaming website, and I am still trying to decide on a medium. So far yahoo voice chat has worked well for me, but this may be restricted to email and the occasional chat room style session.


I am openly requesting players on the web because I am looking for people who prefer roleplaying over other styles (I like other styles of play, but the setting and format will need people focused on character).


My usual players just can't stop power-gaming/meta-gaming, and this game would require a lighter touch .

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Oh and as for game play, the ghosts are stuck in 'reality' although from time to time they may move more into the other world, for the most part they will be learning how to deal with the same world in a different way.


They can try and fight crime, investigate wrongdoing, protect the innocents and generally pursue bad guys in a whole new way if they wish.


Or if crime fighting is not to their taste they could dabble in politics, pursue a social agenda, or perhaps try and even re-establish themselves in the world.


The characters themselves could be anything from a minor god that someone has started worshiping again to the stalwart group that finally put an end to Mechanon, and paid the ultimate price.

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