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[Police brutality] American injustice, yet again.


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Might not be the right thread for this, but the new Bavarian police uniforms bear a resemblance to Dark Helmet, from Spaceballs.



The helmet looks like a mixture of the old Wehrmacht Stahlhelm Typ M 40 and and the East German Stahlhelm M 56.

Thus, a very German protective headgear.


And an evildoer will have a hard time hitting the officer - laughing will certainly interfere with his aim. Pure German Genius!

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The guy who took the shots had his finger on the trigger the whole time. Classic case of dumbassery. Probably jumped when the other one tased the suspect. They should have just led off with tasers, really. No point in talking to the guy that long.


He didn't tame his startle response, in other words?

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