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[Police brutality] American injustice, yet again.


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On 8/26/2020 at 10:54 PM, Old Man said:

Could someone remind me what ghastly crime Jacob Blake was arrested and tased for, prior to being shot and paralyzed?  Trespassing?  Domestic dispute?

At the time of his attempted murder, I think he was being arrested for trying to leave.  I believe his warrant status was unknown. I believe these were all warrants for his arrest, and not previous convictions for which he had evaded the state’s punitive measures. This status, wanted but not convicted, is what we lawyers call “innocent.”  An innocent man was shot in the back, and the person who shot him in the back allegedly found a knife near the location where the peace officer shot the innocent man in the back seven times at point blank range. 

I would be interested in hearing the innocent man’s statement that he had a knife. “Hang on a minute officer, let me get to my car so I can get my knife, and then we’ll just see who’s boss around here. Don’t mind my three kids in the minivan waiting for me.” I’m not certain I’m willing to accept the word of the man who shot the innocent man in the back seven times, or the word of his coworkers, all of whom are in a profession notorious for covering up the crimes of coworkers. 

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20 hours ago, Pattern Ghost said:

Meanwhile, in Seattle, some upstanding citizens tried to lock officers into our East Precinct by pouring quick drying cement over the door, then set the building on fire. It may sound like a bad 60's Batman villain plot, but it actually happened:



Well that’s silly. You cannot seal a door with quick-crete, especially one that size. The newly set mix is nowhere near strong enough, especially at that thickness. I do t know that it could ever be strong enough, really, but after a week that stuff gets awfully hard, and after a decade it’s damn hard to break. But wafer thin? I doubt it would hold if you have it a hundred years to harden. 

The fire, lit elsewhere near the precinct building, didn’t actually succeed in setting the concrete building on fire. 

if this actually was an attempt to seal the officers in the building, it was terribly executed, in that the alleged attempt could never work, and the precinct has many more doors.  You could make a fairly dry mix and make a permanent door-stop to keep the door closed, but it would need several hours to bond well enough to the floor to not break off with a good kick.

So, two counts of vandalism. Impossibility is actually an absolute defense to a criminal charge, like that time I confessed that I murdered president Garfield. 

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"Earlier today, Mr. Blake posted the bond underlying the arrest warrant, enabling his release from custody. The hospital watch was discontinued immediately after receiving this information from Kenosha authorities," Milwaukee County Sheriff's investigator Scott Still said in a statement


In May, Blake was accused of unlawfully entering a home and sexually assaulting a woman in her bedroom before leaving with her vehicle, CNN reported, citing a criminal complaint it obtained.


The man had been handcuffed to the hospital bed

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23 minutes ago, TrickstaPriest said:


This retaliatory behavior is a big part of this larger problem, PD essentially acting as a crime syndicate.  If we want to talk about olive branches and trust, things like this are absolute cancer to trust.


Could you add some context for this post?  I have no idea what a ring video is or how it relates to anything at all.

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3 hours ago, wcw43921 said:


That is truly illuminating. It's very telling that this type of training is being promoted by someone with years of experience in the military, but none in civilian law-enforcement. I don't know whether Grossman actually believes what he's selling, or if he's just another "self-help" parasite. But in conflating combat priorities with policing, he's clearly exacerbating the mindset we see today.

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On 9/8/2020 at 12:05 PM, Cygnia said:


From the article:



The problem is so acute some cities have moved toward sending non-police crisis units to respond to mental health emergencies.


This is what should be happening. The last thing a 13-year-old kid with an Autism spectrum disorder needs during an episode is a big, loud adult waving a weapon around.

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8 hours ago, Old Man said:

How much of that $12M is being paid by taxpayers?


Cities purchase insurance against lawsuits.


The city will be paying higher insurance premiums in the future and that'll be passed along to the taxpayer.


8 hours ago, Pariah said:


"The settlement also includes a series of police reforms to be adopted by the Louisville Metro Police Department, including establishing a housing incentive program to encourage officers to live in low-income neighborhoods within the city."


Not sure what to think about this.


Remember the police shooting when the officer let herself into a neighbor's home, not noticing it wasn't her own, and killing the neighbor.

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