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Alien Race: The T'Shol (WIP)


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Haven't decided which galaxy they're from yet. 


The T'Shol are a near human race from a high gravity world otherwise similar to Earth. They developed exceptional technologies excelling in genetics and medicine. Rather than attempting to fight diseases by wiping them out, the T'Shol instead developed processes to allow their bodies to adapt to pathogens while not creating carriers. In effect they absorbed the invading germs and used them for nourishment. 


At their Apex, the T'Shol had begun colonizing their solar system, having developed sub-light speed space travel. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen ecological upheaval they were forced to lead their homeworld of Bayatoul I setting off in 5 colossal space arks to hastily researched substitutes. 


The arks were sent in five different directions, the populous split evenly among them. Though the Ark known as Heterus (named for a T'Shol leader from their golden age) successfully landed on a near identical world, renamed Bayatoul II, the fates of the other four arks is unknown; furthermore, the exact location of the original Bayatoul was erased due to a malfunction at launch.


For eleven generations, the T'Shol tilled their new world, their Technology began to stagnate, the people becoming more maintenance and repair oriented than innovative. Eventually, Bayatoul II began to suffer the same fate as her predecessor and the T'Shol once again boarded the still operable ark and set off for a new world. 


In 2003, they approached Earth and attempted to conquer the "mostly suitable" planet to serve as their third home world. They were rebuffed and their ark left the solar system looking for another world to colonize.


Appearance: The T'Shol are very human-like. They're on average taller, and broader with softer features. Though they were once far more ethnically diverse they are now relatively homogeneous in skin color with a wide variety of hair and eye colors not seen in humans - mostly cosmetic enhancements that bred true run amok. Cybernetics and other enhancements are popular and due to their adaptive natures they tend to be attractive, symmetrical, and seemingly fit. 


Technology: Though they have highly advanced technology by Earth standards, the T'Shol are in a gradual, yet steady decline. Cybernetics, nanites, and genetic engineering are common and often used as accessories for the wealthy. The amount of modifications one has is a status symbol. 


Their military uses beam weapons, powered armor, drones, and even induced mental or physical super powers. 


Culture: The T'Shol believe very much in living in the now. They readily adapt to and absorb new forms of art and entertainment always looking to keep amused and comfortable. In times of plenty, they tend to live lavishly, sharing with their communities. In times of scarcity, they share reluctantly, curbing their excesses until they can find something to exploit.






The above is mostly true. The eerie similarity between the destruction of Bayatoul I and II is of course, unforeseen only in the "we weren't looking for it" sense. The T'Shol have basically used up two worlds and are seeking another. 


When Bayatoul I was dying a bloodless coup occurred. A renegade group of scientists, visionaries, and intellectual elite, tired of their warnings going unheeded, changed tactics. It was they who pushed for the space arks and the relocation of the entire populous. Since space was limited and someone needed to stay behind to make sure the launches worked properly, the self-proclaimed Exiles of Learning took the public blame for the ecological disasters and volunteered to stay behind. 


They devised a test to be given to the entire populous to place individuals in certain jobs on the arks. The Exiles rigged the test to place higher importance on managerial and non-technical labor. Individuals who "failed" the test were deemed unworthy of salvation and collected by the Exiles to ensure the greater population was saved. After the Arks were launched these Exiles would die with their home world. 


The reality, of course was that the Exiles knew how to reverse the course of the disaster, but a massive emigration was required. The Exiles (in what they considered a humane way) removed the problem that was their cultural disinterest and began anew with lessons of the past learned. They became an evolutionary offshoot, refining their genetic engineering to the point of granting themselves great powers beyond their once T'Shol physiology.



Chad's note:



So yeah...I stole this. From a humorous text based video game (I believe) that was a Douglas Adams work. Space Ship Titanic?

Basically, the useless people were removed from society so the ivory tower elite could run things better. 


Also the T'Shol are based on the Deadly Sin of Sloth. They're essentially a lazy culture in steady decline.





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Cost Powers

Heavy Worlder - END=

10 1)  Mass-ive Muscles: +10 STR - END=1

2 2)  Tougher Than Normal: +2 PD - END=

2 3)  Tougher Than Normal: +2 ED - END=

4 4)  Really Heavy: Knockback Resistance -4m - END=0


Adaptive Biology - END=

5 1)  Life Support  (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases) - END=0

1 2)  Longevity: Life Support  (Longevity: 200 Years) - END=0

2 3)  Adaptive Physiology: Regeneration (1 BODY per Week) - END=0


Powers Total: 26



Cost Skills

0 Language:  T'Shol (idiomatic) (4 Active Points)


Skills Total: 0

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Given their culture and predilections (and the Spoiler info), I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the T'shol labor force and military are robotic.


[anal-retentive-teacher moment] BTW in this context the word is spelled "populace," not "populous." Former is a noun, latter is an adjective.[/anal-rententive-teacher moment]

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I can only think of one other (unofficial) alien race that fits this general pattern: the Vandries, a race that,

like the Asgard of Stargate SG-1, had brought themselves to the brink of racial extinction due to both a

degenerative mutation in their genetic makeup and their over-reliance on cloning as a means of repro-

duction. The race was originally mentioned in an article of the old Adventurers' Club magazine (I can't

remember what issue it was, though).



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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That was an impressive feat of memory, Major Tom. :thumbup:  The AC issue in question is #11, featuring the adventure, "Death from the Skies," by Andrew M. Robinson. And you're right, the Vandries bear a striking resemblance to the T'Shol, in society and psychology if not in specific history.


The Vandries are an ancient, dwindling humanoid race. Though extremely longlived (thanks to their lifesustaining technology), the Vandries have long been unable to add to their numbers in a normal fashion. Millennia of inbreeding have resulted in a degenerative evolution that results in nearly 100% of all Vandries children being horribly deformed and retarded. The only method of reproduction available to the Vandries is cloning; however, this process is itself growing less and less successful as the race goes through generations of clones, so the Vandries continue to decline.


Most Vandries are not concerned about this, however. The Vandries are for the most part a self-indulgent, narrow-minded lot, thinking only of their own pleasures. Most of the race consists of the partially successful results of the cloning process, the "drones." Drones are physically healthy (by Vandries standards) but lack initiative and motivation; they are quite content to carry out the orders of the "Elite," or True Vandries, the successful clones.


Each Elite lives life as a lord, with many drones to serve and support him. Most have unlimited access to the technology and resources left by their ancestors; many rule supreme within their private domains and estates. As a sign of their rank, they take the tital of "Va," or High Lord. (AC # 11 pp. 21-22)


One of the rare Vandries with ambition, Va'dor, seeks to revitalize his race by infusing their genetic material with that of captured specimens of a genetically compatible species -- humans.

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