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I See "Almost" Dead People


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The power I'm trying to create for a character is an ability to tell who is going to die unless they do something about it. By looking at a person, those who are nearing their death event give off a sort of ominous glow and maybe have an image surrounding them indicating how they are going to die.


I'm thinking this would be a sort of Precognitive Clairsentience, but I'm not sure what sort of Advantages and Limitations to throw on it. One limitation I am thinking of is that it only works with people who will die in the next 24 hours, so the character does not have to deal with images of people dying years from now of old age or something.

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Danger Sense, with the Transdimensional Adder, defined as through time, Limited, only for lethal dangers.


edit: Seriously, this might depend a lot on what kind of game it is. Do you for example intend for this character to be able to give guarantees - "you WILL live to see the sun rise" - if a person doesn't have the "aura?"


Lucius Alexander


Mount up on the palindromedary and ride, if you want to live!

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