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Tell me about your Dark Champions spy game


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Hi guys.


I'm trying to set up a spy game in Dark Champions. For anyone who has tried this, what was the premise of your game? I was thinking of using MI6 and just using the James Bond model: agents are brought in and briefed and then are sent out. But the problem is that I might want an American angle.


Anyone have thoughts on this?

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Did the search. Perfect. Yes, I think Sandbaggers has a bit of the feel I would wish for in my campaign. But I would add a long action scene / set piece like from James Bond to break up the chatter now and then. (The Sandbaggers characters would talk about how real spying is nothing like James Bond, but I want to have my cake and, yes, eat it too.)


Wikipedia's Sandbaggers entry mentions Greg Rucka's Queen & Country, which I read when it came out. It strikes me as a balance between The Sandbaggers and James Bond. So your post (tkdguy) has helped me a lot! I realized that Queen & Country is the kind of game I'm aiming for.

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