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Through the science of the world-wide communication and commerce network, I have transmitted banking funds and postal destination to your interactive computerized web store. At some point within the next few weeks, it is highly likely that, having made a journey of thousands of miles, all across roads paved with artificial stone, a package of the desired type will arrive directly at my doorstep; a package most likely weighing less than half a pound, but containing books to such an extent that, just seven hundred years ago (a mere pittance against the universe's approximately fourteen billion years of age; a term of 14 x 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 years), the average wealthy land-owner, responsible for thousands of square kilometres of land, would find a collection of such size worth a fortune; but which now can be duplicated with such rapidity and ease that the entirety of all of humanity's recorded history can be stored in a volume perhaps the size of a large suitcase.


...Because sometimes I like to note just how awesome ordinary things are. :)

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cool... what did Marc send along as a bonus?

2 Traveller Dice. An Imperial Cr25 coin. And it looked like a Travellers' Aid Society membership card a Patent of Nobility. Along with a thank you note explaining the extra goodies (from the Emperor).

Edited by Scott Baker
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