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Traveller HERO - Where we are at, and Starting and Running a campaign

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At the moment, we're reviewing books and page counts, and I'm pulling together notes on all the materials for errata and editing. A lot of it is small stuff like correcting "vac suit" to "vacc suit".


So I've now done a review of the two Traveller HERO core books, and I'm wondering how many referees ran HERO campaigns using the books, and what supplemental material you might have had to put together (builds, etc). Because if I'm going to work on HERO books for Marc Miller, my wife will NOT let me get away without running a Campaign. Heck, to get up to speed with H6/CC I had to start a new supers campaign (set in New Orleans). 

But now I'm not sure there's enough material actually in the Traveller HERO core books to actually convert a CT adventure to HERO, and I'm wondering if someone else already solved the problem I've just ran into...
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Well, a large faction of us have never been able to use an official Hero Traveller book, their having been out of print for some time now. I've run Beltstrike and a number of the double short adventure books using Star Hero, but not Hero Traveller. Can you tell us, does the rule set have the ability to make CT PCs, NPCs, and ships? What else does it include?

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Ok, we just took a massive step much closer to getting this done, and now I have a serious question...


Can folks point me at various documents others put together for converting items to HERO 6th?


I'd like to make sure the conversion document that FFE puts together covers all the basics.

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