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Warhammer 40K Hero - Space Marine Implants [6E]

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A while back I worked up a prefab file in Hero Designer for the implants a Space Marine undergoes in the Warhammer 40K universe. I tried working backward from the description of the effects in this article. I did it for 5th edition Hero System, and then never ended up using the prefab -- the campaign for which I made it never got off the ground.


Then I ran into a user on RPG.net asking about Warhammer Space Marines in Hero System 6E. I dusted off the file, updated it, and uploaded it to the repository. You can find the package here; it contains the prefab and a printout of the package deal in the old Hero 5E text box format.


I also did up the Space Marine Power Armors (or is that Armours?) the same way, trying to reason backward from the descriptions. I'll have to find the file and update it as well.

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