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Warhammer 40K Hero - Space Marine [6E]

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In the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe space marines battle the enemies of Mankind, usually xenos or the minions of the Ruinous Powers, in a never-ending religious crusade based on their faith in the Emperor of Mankind. Divided into Chapters, these genetically-engineered supermen develop from the gene-seed of their Chapter Primarchs. Each space marine is the epitome of the human warrior, but this package deal forms the basis of their abilities. It is derived from the description of General Space Marine abilities in the Deathwatch RPG, as well as close reading of the Codex. It is not meant to be a full space marine -- even so, it clocks in at 150 points.


The package contains a character file, a template file for the character (for starting a new space marine), a package deal (for applying to an existing character), and a document with the package deal in the old format.

Warhammer 40K Hero - Space Marine.pdf

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