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I would just like to give some gratitude in advance.  I'm not sure if this the right area for that sort of thing, but I am planning to follow up with a site related question.


Anyway, I was active on this site a few years ago but had taken a hiatus for a some time.  I recently regrew my interests in the game and wanted to get back into it.  Unfortunately, the computer that I had my PDFs decided to release its magic smoke, and I lost access to my files on it; so, I decided to see if I could reactivate my old account so I could download what I had, but I couldn't remember my account info and the email associated with my old account had become corrupted, and I no longer had access to it; so, I contacted the support staff in order to find a work around to get my old account re-activated.  They said the old accounts got purged with the new setup and offered to replace the books I had if I opened a new account.  I think this is unnecessarily kind and I want to express my thanks.  After all, if they were hardcopies that I lost in an apartment fire, I would not expect them to send my new books.  I also think it shows a strong degree of graciousness to simply accept my word on what books I had.


I haven't received the books back yet that I am aware of and am not sure where to look which leads me to my question, where on the site should I be looking?

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