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2 minutes ago, slikmar said:

Wimps, they would have never made it in Hong Kong cinema with that attitude. :D




    True, but in Hong Kong cinema it’s more of a  

“Hey you, stunt guy!  In this scene you jump out that window and fall four stories to the pavement.”  

 “...and then I land in a net, right?” 

“ A NET!!!   What kind of a cream puff are you?!?  Do you think we’re made of money!?!    ACTION!!!

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Kara (Melissa) got a little chubby again between seasons. And those bangs have got to go. Ugh! So ugly. And I'm not a huge fan of the new suit. I'm all for a super onesie, but something about the one they gave her just isn't flattering for some reason. And after bingeing eight seasons of Game of Thrones since seeing the last Supergirl episode from last season, the tonal shift (and overall stupidity level) gave me whiplash.


But I still can't quit her! Shakes fist at Melissa Benoist!

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