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Reporter - Norie Konishi


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STR 5    OCV 3    PD 2       Height: 4'8" (142cm)
DEX 10   DCV 3    ED 2       Weight: 120lbs (55kg)
CON 10   OMCV 3   REC 5      Hair: Black
INT 15   DMCV 3   END 30     Eye: Brown
EGO 13   SPEED 2  BODY 13
PRE 6             STUN 20

Conversation (3)
KS: Hudson City Whats Going On (2)
KS: Hudson City Who's Who (2)
KS: Hudson City Underworld (3)
KS: Law Enforcement World (3)
PS: Reporter (7)
PS: Research (3)
Contacts (6)
FB: Press Pass (1)
Oratory (3)
WF: Blades, Small Arms (2)
Bureaucratics (3)
Deduction (3)
Running +3m
Bribery (3)
Language: English (Native)
          Cantonese (2 w/L)
          Japanese (2 w/L)
          Vietnamese (2 w/L)
          Cambodian (2 w/L)
          French (2)
          Italian (2)
Linguist (3)
FB: Weapon Permit, International DL, Passport (3)
Striking Appearance (+2/+2d6)(6)
TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles
    Two-Wheeled Muscle Powered
    Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicle
Streetwise (3)
+4 Skill Lvls with Interaction (16)
Persuasion (3)

DNPC: Katsuki (daughter) (INC, OCC)
      Watched by CPS (MoPow, NCI, Lim, INf, Watching)
      Unluck 1d6

Katsuki is an NPC for a Dark Champions game, brought in as a possible love interest for one of the main characters. She's roughly 30 years old and works for one of the China Town newspapers. She dreams of one day being a big deal in the Pearl City and is slightly frustrated that she hasn't hit that big story year. Mainly assigned to fluff articles, she is currently researching an old gang called the Shadows - she has interviewed all but two of them. 

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