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Arena Games Season 2-Draft Thread


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Round 7	Summary 
bigbywolfe	Buttercup
Steve   	The Rocketeer
Bazza   	Plastic Man
CaptnStrawberry	Groo
Lady Pariah	Green Arrow
SKJAM!  	Static
Enforcer84	Amazing Grace
The Rose	Hellboy
Psybolt  	The Tick
Pariah  	Elastigirl 
BlueCloud2k2	Ditto
Hermit  	Mary Marvel


After Round 7: Characters drafted


Marvel: 42 (50%)


DC: 28 (33%)


Other: 14 (17%)


Why do this? Because compiling this statistic gives a bit of an idea if my character is going to be sniped. As I know that Marvel is more popular, then a DC character has less chance of being sniped. ;):P

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Final Round Selection: Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)




Estimated Bonus Points:

3 bonus points if the pick is selected within 24 hours
3 bonus points if the character has never died*
1 bonus point if the character chosen is female

2 bonus points if the character was created before 1956 or after 1986
2 points if the character has a code-name and a costume


Estimated Total: 11 points

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Last pick. She's big, blonde and beautiful. She's in your face, but you can't see her. She is taking the "PariahCom Round 8 Challenge". 


Sue Storm Richards aka The Invisible Woman (alternate pick)





Damage Incorporated is: The Hulk (Bruce Banner), Hercules (Marvel), Martian Manhunter, Dr Doom (Dr Victor Von Doom), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance), Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian), Invisible Woman (Sue Storm Richards). 


PM sent

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As the final round begins and people worry about ongoing sniping, I've decided to take the opposite approach.


I have already decided who I am going to select in the final round. If any of you correctly identify AND DRAFT the character in question before I can, I will not only proclaim your brilliance publicly, I will vote for your team every day for the first week. (Unless you're fighting Lady Pariah, because our couch isn't comfortable enough for me to sleep on for five straight nights.)


You heard me right: Snipe my character, win all my votes for the first week.


Limit one selection per player. This offer is not available to employees of PariahCom or their families. Some limitations and exclusions apply. This offer not valid in Nevada, Nova Scotia, Northumberland, New South Wales, our anywhere in South America.


Do I win? 


I suspected you need someone on either side of the visible spectrum, hence Sue. 

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Do I win? 


I suspected you need someone on either side of the visible spectrum, hence Sue. 


No, I'm sorry, you do not win.  :no:


I mean, you don't win the challenge.  Drafting Sue makes you a winner in every other way, though.   :thumbup:

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Also, sorry to have sniped you. Besides wanting more females I needed at least one bruiser with mental powers, Emma Frost and Maxima are lurking out there!

No need to apologize. She's an excellent pick for all the reasons you mentioned. I remind myself of three important things:

1. A great character deserves some love and it doesn't have to be from me.

2. The name of the game is fun!

3. At least Bazza didn't get his dirty mitts on her ;)

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3. At least Bazza didn't get his dirty mitts on her ;)


My 'dirty mitts' could have been on Miss America. ;):P I considered her as my "flag suit" role for the team. Naturally if we had a bigger team or Superdraft Option Picks, I would have drafted her. 


She is a few months older than Wonder Woman. 

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I'm hoping the first team she goes up against is Pariah's actually. *Steeples fingers* What better way to forestall Pariah's comeback and attempted rematch than to watch him forced to face the team of the woman who knows him best?




Hey, that's not bad... Commish, you still open to bribes for scheduling?


I'm actually hoping he loses to someone else before we get paired up. I hate seeing a grown man cry! Lol. Just kidding honey! I'm sure he will go much farther than I will. He's amazing!
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Too many options for the Final Round, I went with another dude who pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a superhero:


Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)





Yep, him and Lobo can form their own little biker gang together.  Wonder if I should finally get around to watching the Nick Cage movie?

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