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The Justice Friends

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Because I am a sad human being... before I stoop to new levels of ignominy, has anyone previously built Valhallen, Krunk and Major Glory, or do I just rip off Thor, Hulk and Captain America, and add equal levels of sugar and silly?


Sugar is required as a major component in Justice Fruit Pies.... (sigh)

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I'm sure I've seen a writeup somewhere, but I can't say how accurate it was.  I think it was one of those things where someone just built them on 250 or 350 or whatever number their campaign was at.


From what I remember from the cartoon, they all had super-strength, but Krunk was way stronger and tougher than the other two.  I don't remember any particular feats of strength for any of the characters, but Major Glory and Val Hallen could not hurt Krunk at all.

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