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Tranh Chronicles Notes


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Hudson City, 2004. These are notes I did for the GM, since he wanted to do some uber stuff and just use things from pervious campaigns he had run.


Tranh Cooy Manh was raised in Little China by parents who left South Vietname in 1972. The third child of four, Tranh joined one of the gangs before he was in his teens. At 18 the police busted what they thought was everyone in his 'clique'. They were offered a choice; military or prison. He took the military optina nd for the most part took to it. His major issue was taking orderes that did not seem right to him After beat the kak out of his C.O. after a bad he was "asked to leave" or face court martial and expulsion anyways. After returning to Hudson City he found his 14 year old brother running with Nguyen Noc Tranhs men.

His older siblings have moved on and out of the neighborhood. His brother James work in Ashood at Arte Fantastique and his sister is a reality agent in Irishtown. Sarah, his sister has recently kicked Tommy (the 14 year old) out for his attitude and other issues. Currently he is crashing with Tranh and attending Riverside High School.


Shadows: Street gang that Tranh belonged to.


Jeaki Han, Gab-do Han, Lieh Song: 25-32 years old. All three chose the prison option. The Han brothers are out and mostly straight (a little drug use, some gambling, etc). Lien is still locked up and is runninghisown little empire behind bars.


Kenji Egami: 'Ken' is the shadow who cnvinced Tranhto join the Arm with him. Unike him he could take orders and rose to be an NCO. A bullet wound cut his service short and he currently works at the Paper Dragon as a cook. He is also 28 and dating a woman (Yune) that he met online while in the Army.


Jun Han, Mi-Jai Kim: Jun is Jeaki's snad Gab-Do's sister. Her and Mi both dated Tranh at one point or another. Jun works as a club promoter while mijumps from job to job.


Koji Si: The 'lost' shadow. He was never caught by the police and has always been a royal painin Trans rear. Like Leigh he never went straight and is still up to trouble. 30 years old.


Traci Lin: 13 (goign on 14!) wanna be girlfriend of Tommys. May or may not know about his gang involvement. Is a bit worried about him missing school lately. While Tommy likes her, he acts like she is a bother most of the time.


"Alexander": Russian Artist at the Gallery. He always seems to have a pair of brunettes on his arms ad brags about defecting inthe early 1980s. he is roughly 49-50 years old. While Russian he tends to talk with an exagerated German accent.


The Paper Dragon: Resturant Ken Egami works at and a favorite hang out for Tranh and Tommy. It is also a place Triad members and Chinatown businessmen take lunches.


Crescent Sun Dojo: Place that Tranh originally learned Escrima. Teaches there part time.


Thomas Mayfair: Cop who busted the Shadows. Still believes all of them rae up to no good, including Tranh and Ken. Close to retirement, divorced with 3 kids.


Mr. Pu: Tranhs current landlord. Lives int he first floor (or basement) apartment. Very old fashhioned and always seems to be around when something is going on.


Echiko Yoshida: Former Army NCO and currently teaches Kung Fu at the Rising Cobra Dojo(?). Stands roughtly 4'11 and 105 lbs. Shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. Ran with an all girl go-gang before joining the Army under her god-fathers watchful eye. Has traveled all over the worl and is very tight lipped about her past and refuses to explain her multitude of cuts and bruises as anything but "accidents" in her classes. Lives across the hall from Tranh. Has recently broken up with him and he last saw her a week before.


Norie Konishi: Writer for a Chinatown paper. At 30 she is a bit frustrated she has not gone further. She is doing a story on past street gangs and is looking to interview all of the Shadows. "Ishi", or NorEastern by her co-workers, is divorced with a ten-year old daughter (Katsuko).




I have more if people are interested. This was just notes to help give him ideas of plots and what he may want to do witht he character. The GM would just recycle old PCs and his little uber characcters (Echiko being one of them).

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Tabitha Sinclair: Tabby is a resident of boxtown with a big secret. Her real name is Teresa Sciorra, daught of one of the mafia bosses in Little Italy. She's recently discovered her father's business and is a bit ashamed of how he's mad her life. She's 19 years old with (obviously bleached) blonde hair and brown eyes. She has run out of money and is currently begging or doing odd jobs.



James Brownson: A nobody and dreb. He's the guy you always see on the news - good and bad. He's either being interviewed or in the background of it all. He's a 23 ear old student at HCC, knowing everyone and seeming majored in everything.



Liora ibn Jamel: 37 year old mother of three. She has recently moved to Hudson City from Iraq, bringing her two surviving children with her. Her 17 year old daughter is getting ready to go to college while her 8 year old son is being home schooled. Hero oldest son was killed by a U.S. Soldier outside of a mosque. Sources have told her that he is currently in Hudson.



Koji/"Sai": A recent arrival to Hudson City from Japan. She is an assassian for hire that has come to fulfil a contract for the Yakuza as well as several other gangs. All that is known about is she's been in business for ten years.


Devon, Chris, Allan, Jimmy: Friends of Tommy Manh's from Riverside High. Devon and Tommy are rivals for their little gang as well as Traci Lin's affections (though Tommy won't admit it).

Michael Karlton III: Owns a large collection of "Masked men" items, perhaps the largest in the city. Many items are from the Scarlet Ghost.



Samual Cauthorne: Newspaper editor and co-owner of one of the Chinatown papers. He's been in business for almost fifty years and has gone through three ex-wives. He is 65 years old with salt & pepper hair. His clothes are normally wrinkled like he's slept in them for several days. He is normally seen carrying a mug of coffee (decaf of course) with "World's Greatest Newshound" on it

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