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Nero Grimes

How Much Supernatural/Magic/Psychic Abilities in the Raider-verse?

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what ?

Re: Raiders of the Lost Ark

You got your Ancient Horror tm unearthed by those who insist on meddling with things Man Was Not Meant to Know tm. You got your Thing that's so mind blastingly beyond Human comprehension that it is dangerous even to look upon. You got your Old One worshipped as a God by cultists all over the world, complete with a Name that Must Not Be Spoken.tm .You even have the ending where the Horror is not destroyed or truly defeated, but only Sealed Away tm and hidden, waiting until the Stars are Right. tm



Lovecraft wrote about giant albino penguins, but even Lovecraft cannot make penguins scary.



Even brilliant ideas can benefit from proofreading.


Always is. However even GM have to bow before the tyranny of internal logic.


Brilliant ideas sound different when you speak say them in front of people


Nobody can help Nero Grimes, for reasons massey explains:


Well, sorry dude, but nobody can help you. When you basically come out and say that you don't consider 3 of the 4 movies "canon", and you changed a bunch of things you didn't like and rewrote some of the novels and edited some of the movies to be closer to your liking, then you are no longer dealing with the same "canon" that the rest of the universe is. Do what you want, but nobody is going to see things the way you do.

For similar reasons, no one can help zslane:


Aside from the eastern cultists and their "exotic majicks", there's nothing in Temple of Doom worth keeping in the Raiders canon, IMO. And nothing whatsoever from Crystal Skull worth keeping. In my household, only Raiders and Last Crusade are canon. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles are iffy at best.

They may be helpless, but Grimes at least is aware that nobody is going to see things the way he does.



So I've been told.

Repeatedly, I'm sure.



Nero Grimes also claims to need comic relief; he's probably come to the right place. Not only are penguins funny even when Lovecraft is feeding them to shoggoths, many other things can be made funny by reimagining them as written by Lovecraft, as for example "The Pinocchio Fragment."



Finally, a person named Quinn is the proud possessor of a parochial library, a hotel with a breakfast nook, and a glitch. Not much else has been revealed about this person.



Did I answer your question, and did I leave anything important out?




Lucius Alexander


If I described it as "a two headed camel" that would not capture the full horror of it, for you would think of the kind of bicephaly that is not an uncommon deformity, though such things are usually born dead or die soon. And it was not deformed, it was as well formed in its way as an earthly creature with its own logical symmetry - oh, so symmetrical it was! - but it was a symmetry impossible to terrestrial life, utterly alien and repellent to me. The old sorcerer called it palindromedary, "that which runs each way alike." One could only approach it from the front, it was literally impossible to come at it from behind. Nothing could be behind it, for it had no behind to be!

Seven times the length of a standard palindromedary tagline, but is it seven times as funny?

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For comic relief, Thug Notes: At the Mountains of Madness


As for help, if time allows I'll probably lift a powered down version of the psionic skills from D6 Adventure.


As for Quinn, lifer cubical drone who can still dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween.


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I'm confused.  What the hell are we talking about on here?

We started off comparing the world of Indiana Jones and the world of Cthulhu, and wound up discussing someone who has a parochial library, a hotel with a breakfast nook, a glitch, and a wonder woman costume. I'm still waiting for pictures of the woman in the wonder woman costume, perhaps posing in the hotel's nook with a glitch.


Along the way we touched on the inherently amusing nature of penguins, even giant albino penguins, the impossibility of helping some people, and sundry topics of passing interest.


Lucius Alexander


There have been several palindromedary taglines, some classics well worth reading, others, alas, more like this one.

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Feeding penguins to shoggoths is all well and good, but what happens if you feed shoggoths (or proto shoggoth matter) to penguins ?

Probably something amusing and not scary. Because, penguins.


Lucius Alexander


Feeding a penguin to a palindromedary

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In the end, I think the answer to your original question is: "When do you feel like it's become Call of Cthulu?" Indie could arguably have "feelings" about things, and his abilities with that whip certainly border on the supernatural. The were monsters and boogums that could come out, though they were easily defeated if you just remembered your legends well enough. Wizards, aliens, deities...They all made an appearance in the movies, and it sounds like the books didn't help on that score at all. I guess in the end the real delineation is if the game started feeling like "monster of the week," then you've probably gone a little too far. In the end, the whole point to all the Raiders stories is that there's at least some element of truth to all of these old stories.

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On ‎4‎/‎3‎/‎2015 at 11:10 PM, zslane said:

Oh man, I wish Lovecraft had written about giant albino penguins!


On ‎3‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 11:03 AM, Lucius said:

Be careful what you wish for.



Alright, who wished the giant albino penguins were REAL?





Lucius Alexander


Wishing for a herd of palindromedaries


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