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Kicking off the New Year with this.


The meta-gene. X-Chromosome or whatever its called isn't unique to humanity. Other species have experienced powered mutation over the decades since its appearance. Its just these anomalies have been both limited and isolated, unseen by human eyes except to fuel tall tales and legends of creatures like Drop Bears, Jackalopes and Chupacabra. Being wild animals these mutants often exist at the fringe or further in the wilderness and shy away from humanity. 
That is until (Whale song sequence), who's mutation was human level and style sapience and some degree of psionic abilities and along fines that give some manipulative ability. His different mindset made him something of an outsider often wandering away from his pod to investigate things that stirred his curiosity. The odd floating islands that carried human across the surface were among them and he would linger near, testing his nascent abilities in trying to communicate with their inhabitants who seemed as curious about him most of the time. The similar minds delighted him. 
Until his inevitable encounter with whalers. 
The brutality of the attack he witnessed and the callous and cold emotions from the hunter enraged him. Instinctively he lashed out, bombarding them with both waves of his anger but terror and pain of their target but even more their confused sadness as to why they were being attacked for no reason they could discern. When the Greenpeace intervention ship arrived it found the entire crew stunned and nearly catatonic, mostly weeping with only a few able to murmur a single phrase: "They don't hate us, why don't they hate us?" 
He retreated from investigating humans for a time both disturbed, saddened and confused. The shocking violence and amazing compassion and concern displayed by two groups of human was puzzling. He eventually decided to approach humans again, to learn to actually communicate with them and eventually bridge the gap between the species. 
The whale's powers are mostly psionic including telepathy and some ability to experience the sensory input of others essentially "riding" them as a passive mental observer.. While he can exerts no direct control over the subject but can nudge them by invoking specific emotions like curiosity or fear. His ability to telepahically communicate  with human is currently limited since hid powers don't over come the figurative language barrier between the species limiting him to emotional and broad concepts. His communications usually feel like odd feelings and sometimes dreams to humans with a faint background noise of whale songs. On the more physical side, he has large flexible fore fins that can be used as limbs. His fine manipulation is limited but like his psionic abilities will grow with practice. 
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The dark and edgy Klikita Klak, reknowned and feared plastic cyborg.   Years ago, when a large enough group of comic book collectors had decided they could stand no more, they rounded up all

"Good day, sirs and madam.  Ah, I believe you must be the members of Foxbat Force.  Welcome to the Justice Tower, home to the city's premiere superhero team.  I'm Jeeves, the team's butler and man-ser

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Looks more like it might give people standing around the suit heatstroke. (And a bad case of the frizzies...)

Another unintended power. If I remember, the old Dreadnaut write-up had a damage shield heat Energy Blast to represent getting really hot. Ultranaut might extend it to an area around itself.

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The Bronze Behemoth is often mistaken for a Power Armor or a Robot, but in truth it is way to bulky on the inside to house a human. But only a human.

The Behemoth is the Robot suit of a alien called "Brinz Bih'moth". His species is both unusually small and very in love with thier (and earths) steam age. So when they reached thier "sufficiently advanced technology" phase, they opted for a steampunk/clockwork theme on all thier tech.


Brinz is just a really ardent fan of earths Steam age so he went on a trip to visit a planet he considered "the center of steampunk". Needless to say he was a bit steamed about finding out that steampunk is not nearly as common as some broadcasts would have you believe. Also Brinz's ship got blown up when some supervillain tried to capture it. And now he is stuck here.


He opted to join the heroes in hopes of finding some way home. And also get even on the Villain that blew up his ship. It looked like a Steam Locomotive and everything! The absolute dream of the spacefaring steampunker.

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Professor Klankenhiss's most stirling creation, the Bronze Gentleman. Powered by steam and stylised to have a mustache on the headpiece which has no purpose except to look impressive, the machine serves no useful purpose. The Bronze Gentleman is the bodyguard of the deranged professor and his third most prized creation. It is clumsy, bulletproof and capable of throwing cards around.  

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It was really close. Ultranauhght was short but had a clever tie in to Champions Universe canon. Christopher's entry addressed the steam punk aesthetic in a very novel fashion. The idea of a race of alien cosplayers is a fun one. But I think Death Tribble's did the best of all both by connecting the image with canon, addressing the style and also mentioning the awesome iron 'stache  :-D 


So Death Tribble, you're up! 

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Well thank you Phoenix240 and what can you tell me about this purple guy ?

Igor Maliski was a Soviet spy working in the scientific world, eager to steal any scientific wonders for mother Russia and covering it up by staged accidents. One day, while stealing two sample chemicals, a security guard caught him and forced him to break both of them. Igor was douced with both chemicals, which interacted with his unique body chemistry, changing him into a purple hulking brute with a poisonous touch. Naming himself Igor the Purple, he was one of the Soviet's key super agents, till to many failers forced him to leave Russia, and the fall of the Soviet Union ment that the few who supported him are long gone.


His current plan, to return Russia to communist control, throw the current leaders out (or kill them), and restart the cold war with the free world, using not nukes but with metapowered people.

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Well thank you Phoenix240 and what can you tell me about this purple guy ?

There was once a Viper nest especially interested in the mystical. However between all thier technology and magic, it lacked one important ability:

The ability to counter ghosts and similar intangible creatures.


However they learned of one mystical tool for it. The "Widderrollen". A german pagan artifact. Using it, one could turn humans into "Widdermenschen" (Ram-humans). Purple, ram-headed humanoids with incredible strenght, endurance and the ability to hurt even intangble beings with thier bare hands. However the history regarding them also mentioned that the original creators have lost control over thier creations. So they planned on enslaving the creations.


They hired an external expert to help retrieve the scrolls - Talisman. They did succeed in capturing the scrolls. But Talisman was clear about not being willing to help them further, the moment she realised what they had just aquired. For she did speak german.

The Widder or ram is a sing of strenght, endurance. Indeed the germanwort "wider" was derived from it. Wich featured in such words as "Widerstand"(Resistance), "Widerwillen" (unwilling) and of course "Widerholung" (repetition).


And so it came as Talisman had predicted: Thier great first "prototype" broke free. And went on a spree to dismantle the nest, in a atempt to turn human again.

He defeated the necromancers and thier "wall of bone and flesh".

He stromed the fortress of the technologists and took thier weapons to defeat thier dragon.

He even defeated the Graveyard Giant and did got his wish - partially.


The Widdermann is a purple skinned human. While he did reclaim his human head, the skin color change is permanent. And by now he sees it as a sign of his defiance - proud of it, rather then ashamed.

He also did retain the endurance, strenght and ability to "punch" intangible creatures.




This story is largely based on the old Console game: Shadow of the Beast. Where you play the titular character, a goat-headed human.

The entirety of his adventures can be seen here:



It involved some very odd quest items including a magical "shockwave" punch, healing potions, a wrench, a bazooka and a jetpack.

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Running with the stylized "M" pattern on his pants, as well as the shade of purple known as "eminence"...


Martin Brice Mather was an aspiring rapper who was performing at an impromptu rave outside the local chemical plant.  Things got out of hand, as they sometimes do, and Mather ended up getting doused with a foul chemical mixture.  It not only turned his skin purple; it caused him to exude a toxin that reduces the willpower and inhibitions of anyone he touches.  Well, it also made Mather think that he's the best thing since sliced bread.  Calling himself Eminence, he is building an army of followers toward his goal of eventually taking over... the world!

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