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Will Smith (no relation to the actor) was President of the Conservative Students Union at UC Davis.  While escorting a controversial speaker onto campus to speak at an open forum on immigration, an "Antifa" "protester" doused Will with a highly flammable acid eating away the left side of his face including his left eye.  Fleeing head long into the crowd he collided with another "protester" in the process of lighting a Molotov cocktail causing both to burst into flames.  The UC Davis campus police had been ordered by the University president to stand down and it was nearly half an hour before the Davis County Sheriff's Deputies and Fire Department arrived on scene and began to establish order.  


Will was still crawling away when they found him an hour later.  The EMT's triaged him as moribundus and transported him last, expecting it to be a morgue run, but Will simply refused to die.  He spent 9 months in the burn ward after they amputated his leg and arm and replaced the left side of his face with a plastic prosthetic. 


He became a minor Youtube celebrity in conservative circles dubbed "Iron Will" for his incredible will to survive.  Students from the Union established a Go Fund Me campaign, "Iron for Iron Will" to help pay for manipulative prosthetics raising almost $200,000.


The experience and the prosthetics changed Will.  There are the obvious changes to his appearance and the prosthetics, but the more profound, if subtle, changes were to his mind.  His will became both stronger and more focused;  honed like a blade.  Where before he had a measure of charisma, now he had an almost palpable aura of power about him.  He is calm, focused, still.  Inhumanly so.  Though limited to the one eye, he became terrifically observant, able to read the clues of appearance and body language that even detectives and interrogators miss.  He developed a near photographic memory and uncanny discipline.  


And yet the masks always bring him to that dark placing in his soul where he is still burning, gobs of flesh slipping from his face and down his throat burning all the way.  


He campaigns vehemently against masks whether worn by terrorists or vigilantes.  The tattoos on his chest are inscriptions in Sanskrit to remind himself that he is still human despite the chrome.  


Today he practices law in a small civil rights firm in Alexandria, VA just outside the District, specializing in private prosecution.  He carries a shotgun everywhere as is his right under the 2nd Amendment, attends free speech rallies, and if he tries to engineer circumstances in which he might be entitled to use that shotgun in defense of self or others, well it's perfectly legal.


He is "Iron Will" 


Powers:  damage reduction to represent the replacement parts and the nerve damage, resistant protection, exceptionally high Presence, Telepathy based on observation and deduction.

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How about this one?



The Gold Scorpion. Serkets Fist.


Serket is a old Egyptian Godess. As usual for a member of the Egyptian Pantheon, she is a Godess of contradictions. Indeed her name can be read both as "(she who) tightens the throat" and "(she who) causes the throat to breathe" - wich associates her both with the deadliness of Scorpions and protection against them.

The Gold Scorpion armor, is the defining trait of her champion. It was lost and forgotten in a ancient egyptian tomb for milennia but recently unearthed.

It is unknown who the wearer is, but he or she seems a devout follower of Seket. If this is due to pre-existing believe, brainwashing from the armor or if it is the armor itself that came to live is unknown - nobody has seen the wearer.


While Serkets Fist is Predominantly neutral, there are two peculiar groups the Gold Scorpion is opposed to:

The Fellowship of Isis. This is largely due to Isis Ursuping Serkets role (reducing Serket as low as a mere aspect of isis).

The Pharmaceutical Industry. This is largely due to them using Skorpion Poision in many medicinces (even aside from Scropion Andidotes) and thus agressively harvesting them.

That later part is what makes the Gold Scorpion a villain, as it targets Pharamceutical plants using Scorpions. Aside from the issues of releasing highly poisionous Scorpions during it's raids, the Golden Scorpion is not in paticulary choosy wich part of the plants it destroys after it saw to the safety of the animals. As such the result of it's action could cause millions to suffer and even die. It also gave rise to a theory that the wearer (if there is one) might be a fanatical animal rights activist.



The Armor is Solar Powered, wich explains the golden color sheme. While that does not lends itself to stealth, the Golden Scorpion seems to be able to travel in a sort of "Light Form", wich can move scarily fast to start a raid or escape afterwards before the heroes can respond.

Suprising the Gold Scorpion is near impossible: The black sphere like parts functions as "eyes" for the Armor without being vulnerable spots, giving the wearer 720° vision. A tremorsense protects it agaisnt tunneling attacks and most invisible foes as well.

The Tail is highly atriculated and shoots a paralising beam with short range. As it has several eyes, it can fire into every direction, but due to the orientation of the "eyes" the most likely use is for forward facing targets. It is not used as the primary weapon, but only to escape or deal with irrelevant targets (like normal Guards).

True to the animal, the Gold Scorpions primary means of combats is it's strenght and it prefers to grab it's targets

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Old Marty Wicks felt that the world had degenerated since the end of the War. Sure some things had got better but others had gotten so bad it was no longer safe to go outside let alone leave your doors unlocked. People needed hope or a symbol. But Marty's son was not going to be any help in that department. Marty felt that something could and should be done.

It was not until the late 90s and the early 2000s that the opportunity started to appear and crystallise. Marty helped in the clean ups after hurricanes and tornadoes and these sometimes gave up unexpected bounty. Sure Marty found cash occasionally and jewelry and would hand these in. Stumbling onto hidden underground bases or caches were quite another thing. From these he began to design and construct a battlesuit. He knew he would never wear it but someone would. And that person turned out to be his granddaughter who felt she could do something to make things better. Over a period of a few months as she came of age, Marty tested her to see if she had the moral fibre and will required to serve the public interest as good police officers, paramedics and the fire department are wont to do. When he was satisfied that she had 'the right stuff' he showed her the suit. She helped him complete it and became the hero known as Ladytron. She thinks it is after the film with the light cycles. She does not know that it is after a Roxy Music record. Helena Wicks is continuing to inspire people today after the passing of old Marty.   

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You almost have to wonder how old Marty got hold of his granddaughter's measurements to build the suit, as --at least

in the comics -- any powered armor suit has to be designed to fit its eventual wearer; especially since (from the back-

ground story) he didn't show it to her until after it'd been built.


On the other hand, if he had access to sufficiently advanced technology -- technology of a sort which would allow the

armor to reconfigure itself to fit the external physical parameters of its wearer-to-be -- that would explain how the suit

would fit her exactly.



Major Tom 2009 :dyn

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Gestermancer was born with an extra finger on his left hand. This made him able to master spells more ordinary fingered magicians could not. He uses his extra finger and magical talents to fight crime, both mystical and mundain in nature. Why does he do this? So once he mastered all the magic he can, he can Take Over The World.

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"Behold, the power of... Marvolo the Strange!"


Micah Stevens shook his head as he took the stage.  A man of his intelligence and schooling, reduced to doing tricks as a stage magician!  Sure, he had always had a knack for sleight of hand and a flair for the dramatic, but he really wished he could have turned his PhD in Sociology into a teaching position, or indeed any paying job at all, instead of being reduced to... this.  Performing legerdemain for drunk, bored gamblers at a second-string casino outside Providence.  It was enough to drive a man to drink.


He was halfway through his mind-reading trick when the door burst open and a half dozen VIPER agents rushed in followed by... oh, my God, is that Rhode Island Red?!  People were already scrambling for cover as the man-rooster did his famous Crow of Justice, causing one VIPER agent to run screaming to escape through the stage door.  Unfortunately, he tripped on the stage stairs and face-planted, causing his blaster rifle to go off while pointed at the stage magician.  Stevens was sure he was going to die, but his hands moved instinctively, creating a magical shield that deflected the photonic energy.  "What the..."  Stevens said as he stumbled backward.  As the agent got to his feet and moved toward the stage magician, Stevens' hands again seemed to move of their own accord, casting another spell that caused mystic bands to encircle the Goon in Green, wrapping him tight.


Once all the VIPER agents were dealt with and the police were called, Rhode Island Red walked up to shake Stevens' hand.  "Marvolo, is it?  Good work taking on that agent.  It's always good to have another superhero on the job."  Stevens pondered his situation.  Somehow, he was able to cast honest-to-God magic (though damned if he knew how he had done it).  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (and reasoning that several dozen people had seen him cast magic), he told the press that he was Marvolo, the newest superhero to protect Providence, RI.  (He was sure there had to be some way he could turn this into a profitable venture.)


Through trial and error (mostly error), Marvolo has learned he can cast a handful of spells.  Most of his successes are instinctive (borne of desperation) rather than the result of practice, though he's trying to replicate some of his "oh-shit" spells (with varying degrees of success).  A mis-cast levitation spell caused his cape to animate, giving him an ally of sorts (though Marvolo isn't sure the cape is always on his side).  The wands and staff he carries and the "mystic amulet" at his neck are mostly props, though one of his wands is secretly a high-tech taser.   He supplements his spells with smoke bombs, flash bombs, and other covert tech trinkets.  And hopes desperately that he can pull off this "junior superhero" gig without losing his head... literally.

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