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The dark and edgy Klikita Klak, reknowned and feared plastic cyborg.   Years ago, when a large enough group of comic book collectors had decided they could stand no more, they rounded up all

"Good day, sirs and madam.  Ah, I believe you must be the members of Foxbat Force.  Welcome to the Justice Tower, home to the city's premiere superhero team.  I'm Jeeves, the team's butler and man-ser

[footage of late 19th / early 20th century train chugging down the tracks, but the engine looks higher tech than one would expect]   [interior of engine, with similar high-tech look; train engineer

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18 hours ago, BoloOfEarth said:

Hmm... how about this young lady?





That is not her real name but the name that the 'popular press' came up with as she was a woman using magic or what appears to be magic. She uses various 'spellbooks' to cast what appear to be spells which mimic energy blasts, mental effects and defensive barriers. However there are those that say she is a fraud and that she is using some sort of hidden technology to generate the various effects that she is capable of doing. She is silent on the subject letting her actions speak louder than any words. She does not tend to gravitate to the 'magical' or 'mystical' world (which of course does not exist) but has helped sol heroes (vigilantes) and groups when they are hard pressed. How she knows is precognition to the cognoscenti and the fact that she must be in league with the villains to those who disbelieve her..

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How about now?



The book is the sentient spellbook of justice the Grimoria Justiceoria (but it prefers to be called Dave for some odd reason). It can speak and move it's own pages and has a rough senses to view the world around it. Oh, and it can fly. It, thoe, cannot cast the spells which are written on it's pages. For that, he uses his pet human Shemain, one in a long line of partners to use it's spells for the cause of justice.

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'Mad Davis' McCall


How he got this way is uncertain and 'Mad Davis' has been known to go out of his way and kill people who say it was one thing or another. He just is. So don't bother theorising whether he is a mutant, a lab accident, the victim of a curse etc because you will suffer for it. He doesn't mind being referred to as Skeletor or a Skeletor rip off for reasons known only to him. Although being referred to as MD or MDM instead of 'Mad Davis', 'Mad Davis' McCall or Mr McCall can get you killed.

He can pour forth energy usually as some for of blast to do his bidding but nothing on the scale of someone like Firewing for example.  

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Beatrice Lyfe was an angry old spinster crone who felt she was always getting dumped on by the world and all the people in it.  (Well, except for that kindly Mr. Peters down the street.  He always had a smile and a kind word for her, even when she was a touch grumpy.)  She would have just lived out the rest of her miserable existence scaring the local kids and glaring at the neighbors, if not for a trickster demon who made her a deal:  Beatrice's immortal soul in exchange for power and immortality. 


Beatrice found herself (or more specifically her mind) transplanted into the body of a lich whose mind had been separated from its body and banished into the void millennia ago by a league of heroes.  She now goes around as "Auntie Lyfe" (the press misspells it as "Anti-Life"), terrorizing - and often killing - anybody who gets in her way.  (Well, apart from Mr. Peters.)

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Dr Cramwell Bligh, the Science Guy !


This scientist hero took to the streets to defend the common man from the uncommon man and woman. He invented a number of gadgets particularly the electric sword and the Science Pistol (tm and pat pending). He was named by the internet after his identity was leaked. However he is not married and all his immediate family are dead so there is little chance of someone close to him being held hostage or killed by the foes of freedom. He tends to team up with others as he is not foolish enough or overconfident enough to do things on his own. So if there is something strange in the neighbourhood, who is going to analyse it and see if it is a quantifiable threat when he is called about it ? Dr Cramwell Bligh, the Science Guy !

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Fanboy has the power of COSPLAY.  Whenever he creates a costume he is able to imbue it with psionic energy that makes his make believe into reality.  The picture is of him in his Dr. Science costume, a character of a fan fiction he did based on the 1940's sci-fi heroes of the serials (Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon)

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Hear me now, thou wicked masters of an unjust world!  Thy time of judgement hath arrived!


None shall stop the Avenging Angel from her sacred duty!  She shall fly o'erhead, seeing thy true selves shorn of disguise and deception.  Thy sins and depradations shall lie before her as words on the pages of a foul book. 


Thy weapons shall avail you not!  The Avenging Angel's holy armor shall turn aside thy bullets and clubs, and turn to ash thy hellfire blasts.


And with one thrust of her holy spear, she shall send you to face your maker, then onst to thy eternal damnation in the depths of Hell! 


Begone, foul demons in human form!  Tremble in fear!  The Avenging Angel hath come!

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The Redemption:  It is said that all sins can be redeemed, but what of the sin of siding with Lucifer in the war of Heaven?


The Redemption is a fallen angel, one who sided with the lightbringer.  Now she (he, it, really does not have a gender) is attempting to redeem itself by fighting evil in the physical world.  Unfortunately it can only do this by giving it's powers to a mortal temporarily.  It seeks out those who are lost, and assists them, both with physical issues and spiritual.  Often it will bond with someone and  do good while showing the person the way...

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2 hours ago, death tribble said:

How about this ?



Anika Hensley, aka Lady Unluck, is widely regarded as the most unfortunate mutant heroine of the modern age.


To date, her “Staff of Power” has been documented to have set fire to her own wings no less than nine times, with two of those times winning the weekly prize on America’s Funniest Superhero Videoes. (Note the characteristic charring on her once angelic white wings.)


Of special interest to fans of superheroics, the name “Lady Unluck” is not Anika’s name for herself. But every attempt to record, transmit, and/or broadcast that other name has resulted in spectacular accidents which have prevented that name from becoming known. Most news outlets know to bleep out her official superhero name when she says it...at least since the infamous WKRP incident of 2013.


But despite her somewhat...uneven... record of battling villainy, Anika is still out there fighting the good fight and searching for any team which might someday be brave enough allow her onto the roster.

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