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Charli Madison had been a fighter all her life. Trained by her ex-boxer father Chuck "Mad Dog" Madison at the age of 10 she excelled at the sweet science. She dominated as an amateur and was well on her way in the pros when a serious eye injury forced her into early retirement from the ring. During her fighting days she had been exposed to Detroit's criminal world and would eventually become an enforcer and debt collector for The Commission. The Commission was a new organization set to try and take over in Detroit and replace the gangs and the last vestiges of the Mob. To this end they wanted to boost Charli to the next level. She acquired super strength and reflexes through drug enhancements provided by the criminal chemist The Fix. The Commission also had some armor boots and gauntlets made to provide protection and more offensive capability. Lastly her hi-tech shades protect her injured eye and compensate for her blindspot. Her work with the Commission as Beatdown has brought her into conflict with hero team the Motor City 6 and the reformed alien invader turned bouncer named Brawl.

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