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"Good day, sirs and madam.  Ah, I believe you must be the members of Foxbat Force.  Welcome to the Justice Tower, home to the city's premiere superhero team.  I'm Jeeves, the team's butler and man-ser

Little known fact - everybody's heartbeat is different.  The heart rate, the amplitude of the beats, little microscopic pauses between some beats.  If you've got good hearing-- and I mean really, real

Crimson Phoenix snarled at his fallen foe, the blood still dripping from his sword.  "Nobody, and I mean nobody, tries to screw me in a deal."  He ripped a length of cloth from the dead DEMON Morbane'

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You want a picture ?


Look no further than the Tribble, yes this Tribble.







Not until I finish crying my eyes out that no-one posted an idea.



Ah, well nobody probably posted an idea because this is clearly a Nagisa XM-300 Practice Bot that's so commonly-used in outfitting the danger practice rooms of mid-level super teams that everyone thought it was obvious.


But, what they didn't know is that this model is actually a prototype of the XM-300a model, with an advanced decision making algorithm. And that it has gained sentience. It has decided that there are many day to day issues that super teams aren't addressing due to over focus on superhuman threats, and that police and social services can use some relief in hard times. It's only logical.


By day, it gathers data from and learns from the super teams it is being passed among for testing. By night, it dons a dark kendo ka's outfit and a highly-advanced weapon disguised as a shinai and Prototype takes to the streets, bringing justice to communities often overlooked by super "heroes." The shinai functions as per its normal counterpart, delivering nearly non-damaging blows. However, it can also convey an electric current that's strong enough to incapacitate most normal people. It can also launch a ranged sonic attack by vibrating the four slats of its blade rapidly. Prototype excels at acrobatics, hand to hand and ranged combat with the shinai, and is highly mobile, being able to run at high speeds, perform expert level parkour movement, and cling to walls and ceilings. It also has enhanced vision including IR and UV.

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Alright Pattern Ghost, how about this ?


My first thought is Constipation Man! I'm guessing that's a non-starter, so I'll have to get back to you on it. :D


Edit: OK, got something!


He's Nikolai "Nick" Raz, the Time Hunter.


"Born" in the Creche of Immortality in the year 3264, Nick possesses the DNA of many of history's greatest heroes.* He's insulated against the ravages of time so that he can travel freely into the past to stave off the Apocalypse.** Unfortunately, causality's a bitch, and every time he staves off one Apocalypse, another, totally unrelated one pops up somewhere in the Timestream.


His abilities include slow aging and low level regeneration, and abnormally high physical and mental capabilities. He slightly exceeds human norms in most physical categories, particularly speed and agility. His equipment includes armor and a variety of conventional and advanced weaponry from his knives to his blasters, to the four multifunctional drones he's dubbed the Musketeers that hang from his belt. His visor both protects his eyes and enhances his vision, as well as providing a H.U.D. for his computer.


When the Apocalypse looms, he's always there in the Nick of Time!***





* This only seems to have been ripped off from the old 80s GI Joe cartoon.

** This may bear some slight resemblance to a plot device in the 12 Monkeys show on SyFy.

*** "Raz" is Russian for "time." So, his name is a pun of nick of time.

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Roy Gregory Bivolo aka Kaleidoscope. A bitter scientist afflicted with color blindness since childhood, attempted to cure himself with specialized tinted goggles. While he could have made a fortune patenting said eyewear, a side effect of the equipment drove him completely insane.


Quickly inventing his dreaded 'Rainbow Beam Guns' which shoots rays of energy that somehow defy the laws of physics, Kaleidoscope terrorizes the world.


The color of the rays varies:


Red makes people go into a mindless rage.


Orange disintegrates solid matter.


Yellow causes fear.


Green emits a paralysis effect.


Blue calms people down to the point of catatonia.


Indigo fires concussive blasts.


And finally Violet causes blindness.

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The Green Hell


This freakish force of nature has been 'killed' several times but keeps reappearing. It does not speak and has excessive strength. No one has yet determined whether it is summoned by a wizard, someone with druidic powers or maybe a disgruntled garden centre employee. It seems to be completely implacable and highly resistant to blunt force but flame throwers have been effective. Although the intelligence behind it seems to have provided it with flame retardance on at least one occasion. When a blade was used to try and cut off the limbs that also worked but a repeat performance saw The Green Hell momentarily dissipate into a green fog and then recombine. Noted mystics have state that there is no link in the demonic realms with the creature despite its name. It can survive underwater, extreme cold and has no known method of feeding. It can also remain immobile for an extended period as what was thought to be a poor garden hedge model suddenly became the real thing after remaining motionless for months. 

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The Gormless Glom:


Mister Stick the Gormless Glom is a silicon based life form from planet Go-Goo-Goon X once hidden deep within an uncharted dark globular cluster in a galaxy pretty far from here.


Unfortunately a long while ago Go-Goo-Goon X was swallowed up by a giant evil hole in space caused from dividing the color sea foam green by zero.


Mister Stick as the soul surviver of his species escaped through a cosmic anti-extinction loophole to the conservation planet Earth.


Now lives in Springtucky a small logging town in the Pacific Northwest.


Gets along by trudging around town picking up recycling, loose change & concert tickets for scalping.


The local high school back in the 80s once thought to make the Gormless Glom their school mascot but it was voted down after he got struck by lightning & ate half the science wing to keep from splitting into multiple Gloms.

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Stephanie Steam was a brilliant but normal engineer with an intrest is science fiction \. She was reading a steampunk novel when the device she had been working on broke. A chunk of metal hit her in the head. After getting out of the hospital, she returned to her lab and making an old time dress a special monocle, and a steam power multifunction rifle. She was next seen capturing  the head of an illegal gambling den. When nterviewed she said her name was Stephaine Steam a spical agent of her majesty Queen Victoria her on special assignment in the colonies. There are several who think she should be institutionalized, but so far she has caused no deaths so they aren't pressing too hard,

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Far too late to be an entry but this popped into my head (crude character sheet included)


Mold Man


Str: 50
Dex: 15
Con: 30
Bod: 18
Int:  8
Ego:  8
Pre: 10
Com:  0
PD:  25
ED:  12
Spd:  4
Rec: 10
End: 60
Fungus Body: Life Support: No Need Breathe, sleep, eat, Excrete, does not bleed, non differentiated body (not hit 
locations). Immune to high pressure//vacuum Immune to Terrestrial diseases and toxins that affect animals
Fungus Body: Resistance Defense: 8 PD (18 vs Crushing/Impaling attacks such as bullets).
Fungus Body is Big, damp and heavy: KB Resistance -5 KB +1 Reach
Walking Mound of Reeking Fungus: +20 Pre only to cause Horror
Fungus Growth: Regeneration: 1 Body per turn: requires Organic material to absorb
Fungus Senses: Flash Defense: 18 Pts All sense, 360 degree sight, sense: organic material: ranged, 360, works as 
sense, +8 Telescopic +8 Perception, Tracking
Sickening Spores: 3d6 NND vs LS: fungal infections, does not effect inorganic life forms, beings with sealed systems. 1 hex 
AE ranged, AE: 1 hex 4 4 Charges that last 1 day, effects can be medical treated (fungal lung/GI infection)
Reeking Odor: CE: -1 to Smell Per, CV, Int rolls, 1 hex, 0 Range, 0 endurance, always on. Does not effect beings with no or 
sheilded sense of smell or holding breath. 
Rot: 1/2 d6 RKA NND vs Inorganic defenses/forcefield Does Body. Dmg sheild (only vs grabbed targets), 0 endurance.
Sticky: Clinging Full Strength
Budding: Summon:  up to x8 200 pt "Fungoids" Slavishly loyal, Extra Time: 1 hour, requires a great deal of organic material, concentrate 0 DCV through out
Return to "normal": Multiform: 50 pt Normal form
Sci: Botany            11-
KS:  Molds and Fungus: 13-
KS:  Gardening:        11-
KS:  Toxins            11-
KS:  Otaku Culture      8-
KS:  Roleplaying       11-
+ 3  Levls (grab, block, disarm) "Crude Akiko knowledge"
Vuln: x 2 Body from Fire, corrosives, explosive attacks (common)
Vuln: x1.5 Stun from Dehydration based Powers
Susceptible: Intense cold 1d6 per minute (uncommon)
Susceptible: Anti-fungal agents: 1d6 per exposure
Accidental change: Miyomoto Hakashi (knocked unconscious, taken to 0 Body)
Psych: Anti social, misanthropic, hatred of society (very com, strong)
Psych: Obsessive, insane and prone to strange random fixations (com, strong)
Psych: Fascinated with mold, fungus, slimes and decaying organisms as the dominate form of life (uncom, total)
Psych: Casual Killer, cares nothing for human life (com, total)
Phys: Slimy, no fingers, clumsy fine manipulation (fre, sli)
Phys: No sense of Smell (infr, sli)
Phys: Mute (fre, great)
Features: Huge reeking humanoid mound of fungus (common sense, causes horror)
Background: Promising biology major Miyomoto Hakahshi under the incessant pressure of his finals, his family's pressure to 
chose a more "importamt" (aka: lucrative) field, personal tradgedy (the death of his beloved grandmother and his long time 
girlfriend's cruel infidelity with a wealthy popular peer) snapped this talented young man who attempted to kill himself by 
drowning in his own fungal culture vats. It did not kill him but instead transformed him into a repulsive shambling mound 
of hybrid fungal and human tissue and ended what was left of his sanity. After a breif killing spree the "Mold Man" was 
destroyed by a local hero using corrosive weed killing chemicals. 
Or so was though. Miyamato survived, transforming back to human form and was mistaken for a victim of the monster's rampage 
and hospitalized. Recovered, he now plans how to regain and increase powers to further his plans to turn this dying corrupt 
world over to its true master: the things that rot. 
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