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Article On Mass Murderers


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Thanks. Interesting stuff.



Dr. J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist who consults on threat assessment for universities and corporations, said perhaps the most salient feature of mass killers was their belief that they had been wronged.


“What’s become clear over the past 30 years of research is that there’s virtually always a personal grievance that will start a person on a pathway to mass murder,” Dr. Meloy said.

The target of the grievance, he said, could be a person, a company, an institution or a government, “but it is felt personally and typically involves a major loss or anticipated loss.

“For some people, the targets are very much the purpose of the attack,” Dr. Meloy said, referring to mass killers.


I suspect that a lot of times this is a slow build-up over the years. People who feel like they've been continuously wronged by society would want to exact their revenge on society. By that time, they're just so angry with the world, they just want to cause suffering to as many people as they can.


That's my theory, anyway.

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