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Interdimensional Adventure in Cyber Hero

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So I re-wrote Cyber Hero. Found a copy on EBay, started typing. More than 52000 words later, I'm ready to link it to all of my other games by way of the Via, the network of inter-dimensional pathways that meander through Astral Space, some of which connect to past-time echoes of Earth, possible futures, fantasy worlds, magical versions of Earth... you name it.


Almost 20 years ago, my then-very-small son created a setting with cyberpunk elements. In his story an Arcology suffered an accident that sent it to a world of steaming jungles and dinosaurs. There might have been aliens, but I can't recall.  Point is, I'm resurrecting it now that the game is ready to be played.


The setting itself is a mix of Cyber Hero, Kazei 5, Transhuman Space and raw speculation. with Crazed Robots, Zombies, Biotech Horrors and Ninjas.


In Deniable Assets (the name I use for my version of Cyber Hero), the PCs are investigating a ruined arcoloy in New Haven, CT. How many weeks of exploration will I put them through before they find the aperture to the Jurassic?  I think I might break it down into old-school dungeon levels or specific encounters, and let them just run through it. Here are some ideas:


  1. Morlocks (the survivors of genetic experiments); scrounged gear, hordes of enemies, easily dispatched.
  2. A proper Gang Encounter with some street elements that are trying to get deeper into the ruin themselves.  
  3. CorpSec - Corporate Security trying to keep folks out of the place.
  4. Some kind of Picaresque encounter with a crazy scientist who "Knows Stuff" but is completely wrong about everything. (Like the Internet)
  5. Rogue Psyker and his followers, looking for the secrets of the Aperture.
  6. Zombies. With one or two Mega Zombies. And some that explode.
  7. Auto-Turrets.
  8. Crazed Auto-Turrets with Bad Attitudes
  9. Some kind of terrifying mech guarding the actual aperture. (which itself is found in a Jurassic-like environment "leaking" into our world)
  10. The Aperture will be big enough to walk through, but it is imperceptibly shrinking, so the whole world doesn't get contaminated.  
  11. 12d6 STUN Only NND (Something or other) for the trip through the Aperture. Oops.
  12. Guards at the Other End, waiting for something to fall through.  
  13. Dinosaurs. Because Dinosaurs.
  14. Survivors of the Arcology, trying to rebuild in the Jurassic period.

This almost begs to be published. Maybe I should try it.

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