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Badguy Loot Table


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I found this table on another forum. Although it was intended for BURPS, I trimmed out the system specific mechanics and found that it could easily work for HERO.


All you need are two six-sided dice...which you ought to have to begin with :tsk: .






Roll against this chart whenever the heroes are expected to come across a “cache” or otherwise find an area where they should be rewarded.

Human baddies have $20x(2d-2) in their wallets. (Possible to get $0). Additionally, lawless individuals are notorious for carrying more cash on them and the use of bling seems to be universally popular amongst criminals through the ages.


Treat them as possessing $100x(2d-2) in cash and include additional jewelry valued in the range of $300 to $1200 as well.


Named Henchmen are inclined to carry more loot. Roll an additional time on the treasure table for each “boss”.

1d, 1d. Item(s). Cost $, weight.

1,1 Very high quality, ivory handled switchblade or combat knife. $240/$320, 0.5/1 lbs.
1,2 Twelve pack of bottled beer. $14.40, 9 lbs.
1,3 Lighter, deck of playing cards, cheap cigars or cigarettes, and 1 pint of inexpensive hard liquor . $125, 1 lb.
1,4 Heavy leather jacket with a biker gang print. $300, 4 lbs.
1,5 Fine quality, rugged, heavy flashlight. $200, 1.2 lbs.
1,6 1d Prepaid “burner” phones. $5-$20 each, neg.
2,1 Start-of-the-art disguise kit disguised as a business briefcase. $1200, 6.7 lbs.
2,2 Cutting edge lockpicks disguised as jewelry. $1250, 1.3 lbs.
2,3 Cutting edge climbing kit with grapnel. $2640, 19.3 lbs.
2,4 Jewelry, ranging from $300 to $1200 in value. Neg.
2,5 Good quality gas mask and NBC suit. $2000, 5.5 lbs.
2,6 Full sized digital camcorder. $500, 1 lb.
3,1 Money Clip with $500-$1000 ($100x(2d-2) minimum $500) in cash. Mostly in large bills. Neg.
3,2 Top-of-the-line personal basics, insulated sleeping bag, and two man tent. $4070, 22.4 lbs.
3,3 Digital audio player with portable audio equipment. $500, 1 lb.
3,4 Suitcase lab. Choose a skill it is pertinent to. $3000, 20 lbs.
3,5 Finely crafted and rugged handcuffs. Set of two. $2100, 1.2 lbs.
3,6 High fashion clothes with styled sunglasses. $3100, 2 lbs.
4,1 Finley crafted backpack. $2400, 1.5 lbs.
4,2 Fine quality crash kit, or local antitoxin kit (5 doses for 4 different local poisons,) $4000, 10 lbs.
4,3 Inflatable boat with superior handling. $4000, 59 lbs.
4,5 Styled, undercover long leather coat. $1500, 10 lbs.
4,6 Illicit drugs. Either an ounce of cocaine ($4500) or a pound of marijuana ($3600).
5,1 Briefcase full of $1000-$5000 ($1000x(1d-1)) in cash, in small denominations. 2 lbs.
5,2 False ID. It is good enough to buy booze or register a rental car. Not good enough to enter a secure facility or get a social security number. Treat Forgery Skill as 12 if needed. $500, neg.
5,3 Styled, formal clothing. Adds to rolls made when impressing others that are fashion conscious. $2,400, 2 lbs.
5,4 Cutting edge tool kit. Choose a skill. $1200, 13.3 lbs or $2400, 6.7 lbs for electronics repair.
5,5 Notebook computer. $2100, 2.5lbs.
5,6 Night Vision Goggles. $3500, 1.5 lbs.
6,1 Ninja Suit: Camouflaged for urban night, undercover clothing with camouflaged, fine quality climbing shoes. +3 to Stealth. $2680, 3 lbs.
6,2 Good quality pistol, SMG, or long arm silencer. $5000, 1.5 lbs for pistol or SMG, $8000, 5 lbs for long arm.
6,3 Good quality electronic lockpicks. $7500, 1.5 lbs.
6,4 Blood diamonds worth $5000-$9000. Neg.
6,5 Styled, high quality firearm with 5 reloads worth of special ammo. Locked inside mobile gun safe. Varies $ and weight.
6,6 Keys, title, and bill of sale for a used Luxury Car in an envelope (-60% off price). Of course, the PCs have to find the car. $12,000.

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