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Hi all. Very new to the Hero System, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I have 5E, 6E and the Kickstarter Fantasy Hero Complete as my current sources of material. Our intent for the system would be a mix of Dark and High Fantasy with a Large mix of elements from many fantasy genres (kind of a frankenstein universe). Thus, I am currently attempting to see how I can convert/create some of our campaign concepts via the system. As my big test, I am trying to model some of the magic systems we want.


Some examples are: Blood Magic (may be redundant since most magic works off END?), Divine Magic/Miralces, Furycrafting (based on the Codex alera series), Pact Magic (summoners), Psionics, Rune Magic, Scion Magic (inherited 'powers' based on bloodline), Shamanism, Sorcery (innate themed magic such as born as a Pyromancer or a Reaper), Tattoo Magic, Witchcraft/Hedge Magic, Wizardry (hermetic), etc.


Yes we have a wide variety of magic we like to see. None of us are real fans of the "there is only 1 type of magic in the world" settings.

So to that end, I've come looking here. I've already come across KillerShrike.com which has given me a much better grasp of how to model magic systems, but one of the concepts I'd really like to create via Hero is an adaptation of the Allomancy style of magic from the Mistborn series (and RPG). I have a few basic ideas on how to go about it using some of the examples from the killershrike.com site (such as limiting all allomancy by charges), but I was wondering if anyone had done such a system package already (before reinventing the wheel) or if any of you Hero masters had some good suggestions on how to go about building such a system?  As a noob, I feel like I'm floundering quite a bit looking at all the possible ways to build a system (such as the difference between Variable Power Pool vs. Multi-Power vs. Power Construct vs. Compound Power, etc.). I really don't know where to start to (A) make the system work like allomancy is described while staying in the Hero confines and (B) making it so that the point costs remain manageable especially in allowing different levels of allomancy such as a misting (only mastery over 1 metal) or mistborn (all metals).

I appreciate and thank everyone in advance for any feedback!


For those that are unaware of allomancy / allomancers (mistings and mistborn):
* http://mistborn.wikia.com/wiki/Allomancy
* http://coppermind.net/wiki/Allomancy
* Mistborn RPG Free Preview PDF (70 pages) can be found here:


PS: I've posted this both here and the Fantasy Hero threads as I wasn't sure where it would best fit or if it would draw specifically different audiences.

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