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Mathew Robert Ignash

Play With This Too 2nd Kickstarter

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Play With This Too has revealed the first images of one of the figures to be part of their revival.


Redesigned and ready for print! Our next reveal will be the 3D renders for Jetstrike. Both figures will be part of our Kickstarter "Remix" right out the gate. Prototypes and more info coming soon!

According to Facebook responses, they plan to have printed and painted prototypes before the new Kickstarter begins. A definite improvement! I think people will like seeing the physical toys.


Also, I will be authoring the RPG character sheets for the Kickstarter. To be released soon.









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Two recent tweeted replies from Play With This Too might be of interest to those following them...


@JasontheDoombot Jetstrike is almost done. Just want to get Boneyard printed and shown before we reveal the redesigned Jetstrike.



@deathformer Looking to launch it later this year in a few months. Hopefully around September/October? Not trying to wait until 2016.

So Jetstrike's render will be revealed after we see the Boneyard prototype, and the Kickstarter could start as soon as 2-3 months from now!

Also, just announced, the Boneyard figure prototype will be revealed at TFcon Canada 2015!


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The Boneyard unpainted prototype was on display at TFcon Tornoto 2015, as well as appearing in the TFcon third party product preview panel. For those interested, here is a peek:


They have said they are revising some details and sizes already, and have a second prototype being done now, and a prototype for their other figure, Jetstrike, is on the way. Here is a teaser:


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I found a nice image comparing the new painted Boneyard figure to the old painted Desolataur figure.

The new Kickstarter should begin in September. It will have 10 initial figures. These include Boneyard and its 3 recolors, Jetstrike and its 3 recolors, as well as unpainted versions of both figures for customizers.


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Play With This Too posted the prototype images of Jetstrike (and his recolors) on their web site. They did say they are changing a few things to make the proportions better. I also note that the joints on this prototype are a little loose, which will be fixed. This is only prototype materials.

The toy will come with 3 head options, 2 sets of hands, helmet, wings, as well as arm cannons and maces that come apart into 5mm peg and port pieces to make into different configurations.

Kickstarter will begin in September. This figure will be available in 4 different colors sets as well as unpainted for customizers to come up with their own designs.












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With the Kickstarter finally on the way, I notice that Stonebreaker (in Beast Wars Grimlock white and gold) is a figure that had not been revealed before this Kickstarter began, and also Wrecktifier has been reworked to add a lot of orange that wasn't there on the early previews.




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