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Aaron Allston's Strike Force for 6E is Happening!


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If there is only one thing I'd like to see for Strike Force, is better character sheets (and by that I mean character write-ups format not the blank character sheet at the end of the book). The character sheets we have seen in both Complete feel way to 80's with the gray/white lines and the layout of the character sheets in Extreme Earth is just messy. I really prefered the clean layout used in 6E1/6E2. 


I would also like to see the characteristics laid out in smaller "blocks". Seeing a long list of characteristics from STR to Swimming just make HERO looks complicated. I'd rather see a block for the six primaries, a block for combat characteristics, a block for vital attributes, a block for movement and a block for perception. It would make the write-ups look more organised IMHO.   

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Since the bulk of most funding is the last few days of a Kickstarter run, this one looks like a lock. Now its just a question about what they do with the extra donations.

Those extra donations? Why, use them to create a better project, of course. You think you like a hardcover book? How's about one made from Kevlar? Why print on boring old paper when you can print on flexible plastic sheets? Why print a book when you can use a 3D printer to create one?


Of course I'm only a simple third party, so I cannot speak for the author or publisher.

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