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Harleyquin hero for DC: TAS


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1. (often initial capital letter) a comic character in commedia dell'arte and the harlequinade, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand.



2. a buffoon.

That I got but what appropriate themed weapons/gadgets would be for him?


I did give him drunken clown from UMA 4th ed.

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Are we talking a harlequin, or Harley Quinn?


For the first, a multipower maxed out with entangles, flash attacks, energy blasts, RKAs, NNDs, along with AOE versions of each of those.  For the second the same, plus a giant hammer (Hand Attack x2 Knockback 0 END OAF Giant Hammer), Stunning Appearance, and RIDICULOUS levels of Combat Luck.

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A Harlequin would often carry a scepter, I'd start there as a basis.


Basic Hand Attack (bonking people);

Perhaps some stretching as the scepter's handle expands a few meters.


The end of the scepter itself could have various effects to it, one of which could be a super-tech party popper - point the end at someone and they get flashed (bright light and/or a loud bang), and covered in confetti. The confetti could do something, or just be confetti.


Spring Heel Boots (Leaping).


Perhaps bells in the cap that when he shakes his head they ring and put out some form of hypnotic signal (a mild mind control, or something interesting like that), or to go in a sideways direction, actually adds Stealth (not the "you don't see me" kind of stealth but a "you don't remember anyone coming this way" kind of Stealth (the bells always sound far off and cause guards and other unaware people to go searching in a direction the character is not currently going).


You have modern classics like hand buzzers amped up to hurt....


That's all I got off the top of my head.

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I've always been fond of the Eldar harlequins from wh40k and their


<i>Holo-Field - Harlequins also make use of Eldar Holo-Fields, a sophisticated substitute for armour: whenever the Harlequin moves, their image is shattered into a holographically-projected cloud of crystal shards that dance and swirl around with vigour proportional to the speed that the Harlequin is moving.<\i>


you could buy that as DCV levels with only after a half move.


Combine it with an acrobatic martial art perhaps a combination of Capeoria and Drunken or Monkey style Kung fu .


Add a wooden sword perhaps with a Taser option or a trick blade of some kind.

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