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Any technical problems with my PDF products?


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Dean Shomshak here, writer and publisher of Spells of the Devachan, Shared Origins: Sky-Q and Shared Origins: The Dynaton under license from HERO and on sale through the HERO Store. I also hope to sell them through DriveThruRPG, but after reading their site I feel I should ask if anyone's had any problems with the illustrations or other aspects of my PDFs. Like, DriveThruRPG recommends 150 dpi resolution on illustrations; I use 300. Also, I don't know how to embed fonts in a PDF (me big tech dummy) so I use little illustrations for the headers. (If you save the file as text you can see the original text headers and codes.) Do these show up okay?


I'm particularly concerned with how my PDFs work on tablets and phones, since DriveThruRPG says sometimes there are issues here. They also recommend going through processes called "Preflight" and "Optimize" though I don't know what these are supposed to do. If anyone has had problems with the PDFs, I will find out how to fix them. If not, I will upload the PDFs to DriveThruRPG as is.


(Whatever licensed products I write for HERO in the future, though, still go on sale here first!)


Dean Shomshak



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DriveThru is recommending steps that degrade the image quality of your PDFs in order to reduce bandwidth on downloads. It isn't 2000 anymore, an extra megabyte or two is immaterial. Personally, degraded or low-resolution PDF makes me feel cheated, I always prefer the highest possible resolution.

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