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Northern Guard


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What are they guarding against?


From the point of view of Canadian geography, most of Canada's population lives in the south. Southern Guard would be the dominant team, in that sense.


Sure, during the Cold War, a Northern guard set against Soviet incursions into NORAD airspace -- a practice carried on to this day by Russian fighter pilots -- had some import. And right now, as the Arctic melts and drillers and shippers ply the most dangerous waters in the world's oceans seeking private gains, will this group be some Canadian government-funded team, or a mercenary rescue company?


Or will it be truly national, capable of covering the second largest country by area to serve a population one tenth the size of America's?


Or will it be truly global, somehow, in a Canada governed by a rapidly xenophobic party with a history of actively sabotaging international cooperation on global issues?


However it works, in the current Canada, I don't see the name 'Northern Guard' as a particularly relevant name from a Canadian sense.

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