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Christopher R Taylor

Superhero Cosplayers

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When I saw the thread title, I thought it was going to be about how cosplayers would act in an actual superhero universe.

There was an adventure for the old Marvel Superheroes RPG in which the heroes see the end of a newscast that appears to show the Mandarin threatening a crowd of attendees at a local convention.  It turns out that it's actually a cosplayer who had created an extremely realistic Mandarin costume and was hamming it up for the news camera.

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She's a great cosplayer but maybe she cannot act?


Plus: look at all those bright colors!  It will never work in real life! (sarcasm)


Yes, the colors. Her eyes are too blue. They scare me! :fear:



On the bright side, her eyes being that blue means she isn't human and therefore she's perfect for the part. :P

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