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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... the Mississippi Avengers.     Edit: A friend suggested "Gulf Coast Avengers" as a better name, and I agree - its more consistent with the existing Avengers nam


Juggernaut by PretzelBot

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And I'm scared of those things going up the normal way. . . he really is Super!


Also, love how the bystanders seem pretty much unphased - they see stuff like this a lot?!

You overestimate the phasability of the average person, I think. :) Especially in places with geek-based convention centres.


Plus, the camera might not have been obvious; if there's an obvious camera, people are more likely to *mug for it.


* Ah, English. In this slang usage, "mug" means "to play-act, in an amateur, untrained manner, as if before an audience."


* Also, "mug" used to mean "face". Hence, "mug-shot", or "a picture of someone's face."

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