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Convention needs

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I'm looking to attend a variety of east coast gaming conventions based on the following criteria.


1) Not in New Jersey. I can't afford to be within easy distance of work such that I can be called in.


2) Somewhere along the northeast corridor of the United States (Boston to Washington D.C.)


3) Not on any popular holiday weekends such as President's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc. The demands of my job make all of those impossible.


So far, this is what I'm tentatively lined up for in 2016.


Templecon (Rhode Island, easy driving distance)


Chupacabracon (Austin, TX. Going back because I promised. Plus it's the week after Mother's Day, generally dead in my day job)


Gencon (Duh)


I'm looking for suggestions from the peanut gallery, or offers if people know anyone on their staff list. Thanks.

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