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Hero System 6th Ed. 2 Volume Set reprint or a 7th Ed. soon?

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I can see why HERO might not want to produce hard bound books.  Without significant knowledge of sales, hard bound books may represent a loss for them.  Too many loses and HERO dies.  PDFs provide a significantly less risk solution but there are many people who would rather have a hard bound book than an electronic one (us luddites :))


A solution is if HERO games can make sure that the PDF is properly formatted and then refer to a PDF book binding company.  There are several online though I don't know if they would be capable of such a massive book as 6th ed vol 1 and 2.  Here are some links




This one looks promising http://shop.paperchasepress.com/pages/hardcover_book


Hero could then make minor updates to the PDFs and make the PDFs available to the consumer.

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Another forum member here has already successfully printed 6E1/6E2 in full-color hardcover form through Lulu.com. According to him, the results were impressive. I would point out, however, that full-color printing on high-quality heavy-bond paper (as found in the original HERO books) is prohibitively expensive via print-on-demand. The color hardcover itself is of no real financial consequence, but full-color interior pages send the cost into the $150 (per volume) range.


That's why I went with grayscale interior pages and soft covers; doing so kept costs to RPGNow levels, as one might expect.

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I hear ya. The full-color 6E1/6E2 volumes are spectacular, no doubt about it. That's why I have copies in my library.


But I also like having my grayscale softcover copies for their portability. And they fit in so nicely with the rest of the 6E core library volumes. I have no complaints.

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Hi everybody,


sorry for this bit of post necromancy. :winkgrin: I am an old gamer but a late comer to 6E and I want to say: I would buy a POD 6E1&2 any time. I tried to find sort-of decently priced second hand copies, but I found none (at least, not in Europe). B&W interior is more than fine to me, soft-or-hardcover is not an issue either. My current plans are do my best at graphic design and have them printed by Lulu. 


I have Champions Complete, but since I am pretty new to the system, the examples and discussion are precious to me. I am not allergic to PDFs, mind you, but when it comes to LONG books (almost 800 pages!) that I want to 'study' in depth, they are no substitute for physical books.



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Who knows what the future brings. Maybe all the HERO System assets will fall into the hands of someone with a completely different vision for the system. *shrug*


Reprints (softcover) of the 6e core library would be trivial from a pure production standpoint; the only thing lacking is a willingness to make the books available through a place like RPGNow. And I'm mostly speaking about the two main rules volumes 6E1/6E2. Clearly there is a demand, even if only a modest demand, for them despite the transition to the Complete line as the official path fowards. I don't see a compelling reason to deny them to a hungry public, particularly seeing how making them available costs nothing in terms of overhead.


I've solved this problem by having my own softcover volumes printed from the PDFs. A reasonable alternative for those desperate for hardcopy who aren't obsessed with hard covers and who are willing to sacrifice color iterior pages to keep costs down (just like all the other softcover volumes).



Where did you get the POD done? I'm looking at getting some POD on some other RPG products and looking for a solid place/reliable etc. to get it done. 



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Well to give you my bottom line personal recommendation. 


For someone who is completely new to Hero, I would get:


1) Either Champions Complete or Fantasy Complete, depending on the type of game you are looking for.


once you decide that Hero is for you then:

2) Hero Designer, at only $25 it is probably one of the greatest resources for an RPG I have ever come across. 

3) Hero System 6th Ed Vol 1 & 2

4) Supplements as needed.  The 6th Ed genre books such as Champions, Fantasy Hero, Stat Hero and so on are extremely good books.  Not just for a Hero driven game, but for any RPG.  The Pulp Hero book is hands down the best circa 1935 Pulp RPG supplement ever written, not that I'm in any way biased :whistle:


I wish I hadn't waited to get Hero Designer.  I love it.  If you want a catalog of custom spells and magic items for Fantasy Hero or gadgets and alien creatures for Star Hero, it'll save you an enormous amount of time.  In my opinion, it's worth every penny.

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I've thought about that, is there a way that we could verify through the online purchase service?

You can contact DOJ about that, but none of us in this thread have that access. That also has limitations given that you can purchase the PDFs elsewhere and the store here only has records for purchases made since it came online. So, for example, you can't verify my purchase.

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I'm thinking that the number of people who want to have a hard copy is limited.


I'd be willing to buy the PDF through Hero, so they can verify my purchase so I can have access to a product that I don't need to have the skills to modify so it prints out properly.


Who would be able to authorize this?

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I found a pristine copy of the BBB for ten bucks in a used bookstore. I also found a pristine copy of FRED for ten bucks. FRED is the Mad Hatter's gloss on the BBB. This is, really, all I need. Old timers will understand. I have had 6e1 and 6e2 for a while, but I seldom use them. It's sort of like looking into a grimoire. I could cast the spell, and it is an impressive structure to behold, but there would be sanity loss.

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I've been looking in old bookstores for 6E1 & 2.  I found the Original Strike Force book, it cost me $50Can for!!!


Which is really annoying cause I know I own that book and can't for the life of me find it!!


Now that I have it, I'll probably find my original... And with the Kickstarter Book coming I'll also have the PDF version...


I would still like to get the 6E1 & 2 books though....

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Wanna travel To Canada? I'd have you in my games...


I'm a 2nd generation native Floridian. I don't know if I could handle THAT kind of cold.  Most people down here consider it jacket weather when it gets down to the 50's (for all of a month or two each year). If I'm not mistaken don't Canadian's consider that t-shirt and shorts weather?




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