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Extreme Earth (KS project) is now available in pdf at RPGNOW

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Extreme Earth for Hero System has been released on RPGNOW. (KS backers - you should have received a DL link for your copy a few weeks back. PM me or reply to this thread if you didn't)


Many thanks again to Steve Long for writing the HERO System conversion for us.


Elevator Pitch:

Extreme Earth is a supers campaign setting inspired by the Iron Age of Comic Books. With eye-popping art by Jon Gibbons and evocative writing of Joe Bardales, Extreme Earth will transport you to a dangerous, dystopian world that can be described as 24 meets Heroes by way of the Iron Age of Comics. 
Extreme Earth will present information about the history and current state of affairs of this dystopian world, background dossiers on major players and organizations, rules for character creation, campaign advice for game masters to help bring the setting to life, and a full introductory adventure.


Check it out now

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