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Bullet types


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Without searching for images, or anything like that, and only looking up details on the .224 boz, Corbon, and checking magsafe...



Interesting AP?.   Looks like it might be designed to fragment into two pieces?

Flechette,   5.56?  one of the SPIW variants?

Triplex round.   Duplex tested well, These look to be solid copper bullets.  


9mm FMJ?

9mm Brass Hollowpoint.   I forget which company is doing that one.  

9mm EFMJ- Expanding Full Metal Jacket?   


.45 acp Flechette  I know they worked on various weird designs over the years.  

10mm Glaser Safety slug, probably Silver Line, with  larger shot ?


Plastic subcaliber reduced range training round or Simunition training round. 

NOt sure.   subsonic load for sniper rifles?   The item inside the case is very strange.  The only other thing that it reminds me of  would be the 9mm  spotter round for the SMAW weapon, but it uses a completely different bullet design. 

Thae next one looks like it is one of the designs for use from air to water or vice versa.   Though I thought they usually had a blunt nose.  


.455 Webley.   Might even be the .476.   

..38 caliber plastic training round.   Powered solely by a primer, for "safe" indoor target practice.   My dad had some around when I was a kid.  


.357 magnum "Beesafe" or something like that?   It looks like it has the polymer ball from the Cor-bon Powerball (A load I really like) on top of a filling of fine shot.   It might be one of the older Glaser line loads.   I just can't remember. 


Might be a .224 BOZ.  PDW type round, designed to penetrate body armor better than most pistol cartridges.  Uses a 10mm necked down to .22   Pretty impressive, really.     A more modern one is  the 22 tcm using shortened and necked down .223 cases.     http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/06/30/rock-island-armory-22tcm-reshoot/

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