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Question: Suppression Fire & Autofire Skills

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Hi Steve,


Which one of the following rules is correct?


from 6e1 page 65

Accurate Sprayfire
The character can use Autofire against multiple targets with great accuracy. He suffers only a flat -1 OCV penalty (instead of the usual -1 OCV per 2m area fired into penalty). Accurate Sprayfire bonuses also apply when characters use Suppression Fire against an Area.


from 6e2 page 89

A character cannot “overlap” his Suppression Fire so he can attack a target more than once per zone. Autofire Skills have no effect on Suppression Fire.






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They both are, though I certainly confess to not editing that sentence from 6E2 89 so that it makes more sense. I'm glad you came across this so I could clear it up; take +1 XP out of petty cash. :)


What I should have said is something like, “Using Autofire Skills with Suppression Fire doesn’t change any of the rules pertaining to Suppression Fire.” So even if a character uses Accurate Sprayfire, he still suffers the base -2 OCV penalty for using Suppression Fire, for example.


Since a character can’t attack more than one target per zone with Suppression Fire, that means he can’t use Concentrated Sprayfire with the Maneuver. Since he has to fill the entire zone, he can’t use Skipover Sprayfire either.

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