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Who Would Win: Raistlin vs. Xykon

Raistlin vs. Xykon  

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  1. 1. Who would Win this epic battle?

    • Raistlin
    • Xykon

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I'm reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight again, and there was a statement made that Raistlin cares only for acquiring power and does not care who he hurts to get it. That, naturally, reminded me of Xykon. Two black-robed mages of the power=power variety. In a head-to-head battle, who would win?


Raistlin Majere: Power level at the top of his game just before he challenges Takhisis. He is the master of past and present. Few, if any, magic user on Krynn has commanded the powers of Raistlin. He defeated Fistandantilus in the past and would have defeated Takhisis if he had chosen to continue his fight. While completely ruthless, Raistlin adheres to a strict code of conduct: he repays all debts and protects the disadvantaged and downtrodden. He can also be cruel and will use others to achieve his ends. Neutral(?) Evil.


As a wizard of Krynn, Raistlin's magic has to be prepared before hand. However, with his levels, this isn't much of a disadvantage. He will use whatever spell is necessary for the job at hand.


Xykon: As he currently is in the OotS, as he has never been stronger. A lich. Not a mage, not a wizard, a sorceror. He didn't crib his magic from "Spell Casting for Dummies"; it's in his bones. He doesn't have to prepare his spell slots at the beginning of the day. He can use any spell in his arsenal as long as he has a spell slot for that level and knows the spell. Xykon is at least 21st level and has cast epic-level magic included maximized 9th-level spells.* He lives up to the stereotypical evil overlord from fantasy and is genuinely cruel and sadistic. He typically avoids finesse for shock and awe. Getting the job done right the first time is his goal. Chaotic evil.


*His exact levels and abilities have never been revealed by Burlew as this would hamper him too much in writing.

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I agree that they would not get along, and since Raistlin both stood toe to toe with a goddess and destroyed the world in the process, I'd have to go with him over Xykon ... even though Xykon's actually more of a fun guy.


cheers, Mark

Yeah. No contest there. It would be more of a contest is Rasitlin were still in his climb to power. Some point after claiming the Tower of High Sorcery... Pondering when it would be a grand match.

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