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Good source for fantasy mini-figs?

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1.  I'm cheap.  Tighter than the bark on a tree.

2.  I have a modicum or artistic talent, but I'm not freighted with fig-painting time.

3.  I need a basic variety of the typical archetypes - warriors, rogues, wizards, etc.

4.  I wouldn't mind a grab bag of villainy, while I'm at it.  


Anyone know a good source?

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Here are some options:


  • Metal/Plastic
    • Reaper Minis - as NB stated
    • Ebay - I bought some decent Ogres from Ebay recently.  I think I spent ~$15 for three ogres.
  • Paper minis - you will need to print most of these yourself
    • Free is nice - good suggestion GM
    • DriveThruRPG - You can find free and cheap paper miniature sets here, my favorites include
      • Monster Stand-Ins - This was a Kickstarter project.  You get 350 images and it costs $19.00 + printing costs ($.05 per image).  Excellent quality
      • Arion Games - Excellent quality

Finding decent miniatures is hard.  A long long time ago (+25 years) I bought a bunch of matching orcs (spear men, bowmen, and swordsmen) which I then painted up into squads of 5 orcs each.  Best buy for miniatures ever.  I haven't been able to find anything like those boxed sets.

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Reaper's bones are inexpensive.

Wargames factory makes some styrene (regular model plastic) Skeletons and Orcs

Also check eBay for D&D plastic Miniatures and Pathfinder Battles miniatures. The "common" figures tend to go cheap and they don't require painting.


Mage Knight figures are also nicely painted plastic figures. Those might not be as easy to find as the others.


Steve Jackson Games has PDF's of their Fantasy Cardboard Heroes

Drive Thru RPG also has many different companies' PDFs of figures that you can print out on cardstock.

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