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Season 4 Arena Games pre-draft discussion

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Garlic don't need a reason!


Wait ... what was the question?


Just out of curiosity, what was the tiebreaker you used (19, 17, 15) to determine playoff seeding this season?

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She put down her drink and refocused her attention from the white sand and the soothing waves to her ringing phone. One glance told her it was the call she’d been expecting for the last several weeks. She answered.  “Hello.”


“Hello, Carol. How are you this afternoon?”


“Can’t complain. The sun is warm, and the drinks are cold. Yourself?”


“Just fine. Look, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’ve had a few ideas for the upcoming Games, and I wondered if you’d be willing to look over them, let me know what you think?”


“No problem. Send the files on over, and I’ll look at them tonight.”


“Thank you. I’d really appreciate it.”


She thought she detected a hint of . . . something in his voice. Worry? Uncertainty? She wasn’t sure. She decided to ask. “Is everything all right, sir? Is there some problem?”


It took him a split-second longer to respond that it should have, she thought. “No problem,” he responded. “I’m just a little tired.”


She decided to let it go. For now. “Okay, Send over the files, and we’ll talk tomorrow night.”


“It doesn’t have to be tomorrow. Take as much time as you need.”


“I won't need much.  This is what I do.  Tomorrow night will be fine.”


“Fair enough. I’ll talk to you then.”


Well, she thought to herself, this should be interesting.

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I don't know if there is going to be a Season 4.


Or, let me rephrase: I don't know if I'll be the one to run a Season 4. It's a lot of work. I would love to play, in fact, and help out someone else if they will run it, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to do it yet myself.



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