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There are now several superhero-flavored manga and anime that we can borrow ideas from; My Hero Academia is one that seems especially useful.


World background:  Similar to Earth until about five generations ago, when people started being born with "quirks", starting with a glowing baby in China.  As far as science can tell, this is the next step in human evolution, and about 80% of the population now has quirks.  Most quirks are relatively minor like "can pull small objects within about a meter to one's hand" or "can breathe flame equivalent to a small candle."  But there are people with much, much more impressive powers, such as invisibility or turning sweat into nitroglycerin.


People who feel compelled to commit crimes use their quirks for them, necessitating the rise of the professional licensed superhero.  Only licensed superheroes can fight powered criminals; vigilantism is against the law.  To get a license, it helps to have gotten proper training, so many prospective heroes attend schools that offer hero training.  


The "badass normal" is not a thing in this setting; all superheroes and villains are what would usually be called mutants.  Since most people have a relatively narrowly defined quirk, many heroes carry special gear to cover their weak areas, but there are no heroes that rely on equipment alone.  Most people with quirks develop them around age four, and late bloomers are extremely rare.  An x-ray of the foot can confirm, as all people with quirks have one less joint in their little toes.  The majority of people with quirks whose parents have quirks inherit some version of either parent's quirk, or a combination of same.


Some animals have quirks; we have not yet had an explanation of this.


Despite the many changes, Japanese society is very similar to the real life one.  There were at least two films in the Alien series, and H.R. Giger still did the monster designs.


Due to the many physical alteration quirks, personal appearance standards have shifted--it's rare for Distinctive Features to evoke an Extreme reaction, and someone with a bird head suffers little or no hassle about it.


The primary focus of the series is on a class of potential superheroes, so most of these ideas will be suitable for Teen Champions.


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Well, for personal preference, I would reverse the "normal"/"mutant" ratio to where, 80 percent are still normal instead of the other way around, but otherwise.

That would be earlier in the setting, and there might still be prejudice against the Quirked ala the X-Men comics.

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The viewpoint character in MHA is Izuku Midoriya, codenamed "Deku."


Izuku decided very early on that he wanted to be a superhero.  Unfortunately, he was born Quirkless (discovering this about age five when his mother had him checked out by a doctor.  It was also around this time that he acquired the nickname "Deku", meaning "no good qualities".)   Izuku refused to give up on his dream, and spent the next decade training his mind and studying superheroes to learn their methods.


In his last year of junior high, Izuku met the world's greatest hero, All-Might.  The hero initially tried to discourage Izuku, but after the boy showed he had the heart of a hero, revealed that there was a secret method that All-Might could use to transfer his own quirk to Izuku.  Due to the nature of the power, it required Izuku to go through intensive physical training for several months just to survive the transfer.  Thanks to his new quirk and his prioritizing of helping others rather than defeating opponents, Izuku was admitted to Yuuei High School, a magnet school for prospective heroes.


Shortly after joining, the girl he'd helped in the entrance examination, Ochako, mentions that "Deku" can also mean "never gives up."  He decides to use that new definition as his hero name (which also throws it back in the face of Bakugou, the bully who stuck him with the nickname in the first place.)


Deku is a good student who applies himself and is very observant.  His skills include Tactics, Teamwork, Style Analysis, KS: Superheroes & Supervillains, and basic hand to hand combat.  His physical stats are well above average, even without the use of his quirk.


Quirk:  "One For All" is a unique quirk that can be passed down from one person to another, giving the new user the cumulative power of the previous heirs.  Its primary function is supercharging the muscles of the user, making them stronger, faster and more durable (but not invulnerable.)  At top performance, Deku can shatter mountains with a punch.  However, his body is not yet fully adapted to the power, so using it at 100% will break his bones (Side Effect: Takes BODY Damage).  More recently, he's learned how to moderate his power so that he can safely handle 5% for long durations.


Deku is a true hero type who believes in helping others, and never gives up.  He has the tendency to inspire others to become their better selves.

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Katsuki Bakugou (no code name yet, as "Lord Explosion Murder" was rejected by the school registry.)


Bakugou was born with superior athletic ability and high intelligence (he learned to read far ahead of his peer group.)  He quickly became the leader of his playmates.  Then he developed the powerful and cool-looking quirk "Explosion."  Constantly praised and spoiled by the adults around him, Bakugou came to the conclusion that he was just naturally superior, and deserved to be.  His friend Midoriya turned out to have no quirk, and was much weaker and clumsier than Bakugou, so the more impressive boy nicknamed Midoriya "Deku" ("no good qualities.")  Midoriya refused to behave properly deferentially, and even attempted to help Bakugou when he thought the other boy was in need.


Resenting Midoriya's behavior, Bakugou bullied him all through elementary and junior high school, trying to break his will.  Bakugou planned to be the first (and only) student from their junior high to be accepted to the prestigious Yuuei High, and from there become an even greater hero than All-Might.  He reacted very negatively to learning that Midoriya was planning to apply to the same school despite that boy's lack of powers, and burned Midoriya's hero analysis notebook.  When Bakugou was attacked by a sludge monster which attempted to hijack his body, he was humiliated by Midoriya helping rescue him.


Bakugou scored the highest in the physical examination for entrance to Yuuei, and very highly on the academic test.  But he was absolutely livid to learn Midoriya had also been admitted after showing an impressive quirk.  Shortly after school started, they were matched off in a training exercise, which Deku "won."  Realizing that his personal vendetta had gotten in the way, and that most of his classmates had equally cool quirks to his own, Bakugou has now buckled down to seriously train to be a better superhero.


Bakugou is a natural athlete and highly intelligent, with a keen "battle sense" (give him an Overall Combat Level or two.)  He has practiced a parkour-like method of rapid travel in broken terrain.


Quirk:  Bakugou's palm sweat is a nitroglycerin-like substance that he can ignite at will to create fiery explosions.  In addition to the usual offensive properties, Bakugou can set off explosions to deflect opponents' attacks, or to propel himself through the air for short distances.  While Bakugou has Personal Immunity to his explosions, he is still vulnerable to shrapnel or other side effects.  Because the power relies on palm sweat, it's easier for him to create explosions in warm weather, and more difficult in winter.  Bakugou's hero costume has gauntlets that store sweat in reservoirs so he can create bigger explosions and direct them more carefully.


Bakugou is an arrogant jerk.  He believes that the most important thing about being a hero is winning, and up to his entrance to Yuuei High School, he won all the time.  While he has now stopped with the bullying, Bakugou remains ill-tempered, arrogant and possessed of a rotten attitude.  The closest thing Bakugou has to a friend is Kirishima, who admires his manliness and has a thick skin.


(This guy is probably more useful as a Teen Champions NPC than Deku, due to his hostile behavior.)  

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Ochako Uraraka, codename "Uravity."


Ochako's parents run a small, struggling construction firm, and she originally felt obligated to help with that, but they asked her to follow her own dreams instead.  She wants to become a successful superhero that makes lots of money so she can get her family out of debt.


During the Yuuei entrance exam, Ochako got pinned by debris too heavy for her to affect all at once, and was threatened by a robotic opponent.  Deku put himself in harm's way to save her, and she returned the favor when the use of his power incapacitated him.  Afterwards, she asked the exam board if there was a way to share her points with Deku--no, but his rescue of her had given him hidden points, and her willingness to share increased her own score!


She was also the one to point out the alternate meaning of "Deku", giving Izuku an important morale boost in the early part of their schooling.


Ochako has good interpersonal skills  (Conversation, Persuasion) and has been working on her combat skills-she actually made Bakugou take her seriously in a match.  She's started kung fu lessons, but it's unknown if that will stick.


Quirk:  Ochako's quirk is "Zero Gravity"; she cancels out the effect of gravity on anything she touches with five fingers, and this lasts even if she lets go until she cancels it.  Her safe limit is three metric tons; cancelling gravity on anything larger makes her woozy (side effect: Takes STUN Damage), and if she pushes it too much, Ochako will vomit helplessly (special effect of being stunned.)  The most obvious tactic she uses is tossing a heavy object and restoring its gravity just before it hits.  She can also cancel gravity on herself for impressive jumps, but this makes her woozy, so she is cautious about using this.


Ochako is a friendly girl with a cheerful personality, but can become frighteningly intense when she's trying to figure something out.  She's prone to "glory or death" tactics to finish fights.  She's chatty and has good relationships with most of the people in her class.  Ochako is kind of sweet on Deku, but they're both very busy (and Deku has no initiative in romantic areas) so nothing has come of it yet.


Observant people will notice that Ochako avoids touching things with all five fingers of a hand, generally keeping them curled in a "paw" to prevent accidentally cancelling gravity.  (Thus it might actually work better in a Teen Champions campaign to introduce her in civilian life so that the player characters can notice that detail and come up with theories.)




Any thoughts or comments so far?

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Tenya Iida code name is a spoiler....


Iida comes from a wealthy family of well-known superheroes; his older brother is the high-ranked hero Ingenium, and his goal in life is to live up to his brother's example.    He became Deku's friend after being impressed by his heroism during the entrance exam.   Iida is the class president after Deku turned down the job.


Iida is good with rules and regulations (Bureaucracy), and uses his speed quirk effectively in combat (Tactics).  He has a runner's build.


Quirk:  "Engine" allows Iida to run at superhuman speed, and reflexes to match.  Iida can engage "Overdrive" to run faster than the human eye can see for a short burst, but then his legs "stall", leaving him unable to walk for a minute.  As such, he saves it as a trump card.


Iida is a very serious young man who likes order and discipline.  He's good at thinking through tactics, but often does not see beneath the surface of events.  Iida admires his older brother very much, and would be devastated if anything bad happened to him.  He has a habit of nervous hand gestures when he's excited, often bending them in bizarre ways.

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Shouto Todoroki (no code name yet.)


When the second generation of people with quirks started being born, the phenomenon of children of such people inheriting variations on a parent's quirk or both combined became known.  Thus there started a custom (especially in cultures that encouraged it) of mating two people with strong quirks in an effort to breed even better/stronger quirks.  Endeavor, a powerful fire-using superhero and #2 in the rankings, used his considerable influence to arrange his marriage to a less than willing woman with a strong ice-related quirk.  Endeavor forced himself on his wife repeatedly; Shouto is the fourth of their children, and the only one his father considers a "success."


As soon as the nature of Shouto's quirk became evident, Endeavor began a ruthless training regime for him; Shouto often envied his older siblings, who his father had emotionally discarded as "things", but as a result enjoyed much more freedom.  Shouto also had a difficult relationship with his mother as his fire powers reminded her of Endeavor's sexual abuse.  At one point, she freaked out and scalded Shouto with boiling water; Endeavor promptly had her locked in a home for the insane and forgot about her.


Shouto was admitted to Yuuei High due to his family connections and did not have to pass the examinations, but soon proved he was no "legacy dud."  He became interested in Deku due to that boy's quirk being similar to All-Might, the hero Shouto was raised to surpass.  Thanks to Deku's help, Shouto has reconciled with his mother and rethought his motivation for becoming a superhero.


Shouto can borrow his father's Contacts, but is reluctant to do so; he is far more skilled with his ice powers than his fire powers (a couple of CSLs for the former.)


Quirk:  "Fire and Ice" is what it sounds like, the ability to use both flaming (left side) and icy (right side) powers.  One of his favorite tactics is to create a large area of ice on the ground to trap the feet of multiple enemies.  (Entangle, AoE, only affects body parts touching the ground.)  He is capable of lowering a person's body temperature to the point of freezing them to death, but as heroes don't kill, he holds back on this.  Shouto is far more comfortable with his ice powers than the flame ones (due to his hatred of his father) and initially would not use his fire during combat.  This was problematic as using only one side of his powers causes Shouto's metabolism to unbalance, eventually leading to serious harm.  He needs to use both in roughly equal amounts to stay healthy.


Shouto is a serious, somewhat gloomy boy with stunted social skills.  He hates his father, and wants to become a successful superhero in spite of him, rather than because of him.  He's got a decent relationship with his sister Fuyumi (who has a weaker ice-based quirk), and has opened up a bit to Deku while still considering him a rival.  Because of his self-sufficiency, Shouto can sometimes fail to hear important information his allies impart.


Distinctive Features:  Shouto has red hair on his left side, and white hair on the right.  There's a nasty-looking scalding scar around his left eye, ala Prince Zuko.

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Most of the students are player character archetypes for Teen Champions (with the possible exception of Bakugou), so let's look at some of the adults before doing the rest of the kids.




All-Might is considered the world's greatest superhero, a pillar of justice and a symbol of peace.  Very few people know that he was born Quirkless.  Determined to become a superhero anyway, he went through a grueling physical training regimen that gave him near-superhuman development.  Under circumstances yet to be revealed, the previous user of One for All was impressed by him, and the boy inherited the quirk.  After some training in the other essential s of herodom, All-MIght started on a career of rescuing people and smashing villains.


A few years before the story begins, All-Might fought a powerful villain who gave him a life-threatening injury.  He survived, barely, but as a result, the time he can safely use One for All has been dropping ever since--at the time he met Deku, All-Might was down to three hours.  Impressed by Deku's determination and bravery despite the boy's lack of physical qualifications, All-Might chose the lad as his successor.


Currently, All-Might is a guest instructor at Yuuei High to keep an eye on Deku and help mentor the next generation of heroes.  Perhaps a dozen people know about his physical problems (mostly other instructors at Yuuei) and of those, only a handful know the true nature of One for All.


All-Might is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and other physical skills useful to superheroes.  He's also highly connected to people he's helped in the past, and his reputation is such that most people respect and admire All-Might without question.  He's not much on tactics, and isn't all that good as a teacher, preferring to inspire by example and let the students figure things out for themselves.


Quirk:  One for All's primary effect is supercharging the muscles of the user, making them superhumanly strong, fast and tough (but not invulnerable.)  In Marvel terms, think of All-Might as like the Hulk but with Quicksilver speed.  He knows many "brick tricks."  Since his injury, the amount of time he can safely stay charged up has dropped.  The rate of decrease has increased since he shared the power with Deku, and each time All-Might uses his powers beyond the safe limit, more time is lopped off.  When All for One is turned off, All-Might withers down to a skeletal man with sunken eyes who frequently coughs up blood.  The appearance change is so drastic that it acts as a Secret Identity (but might be better expressed as Dark Secret.)   Even if you found a picture of All-Might's civilian self before he got One for All, you would not be able to connect it to his current depowered appearance.


All-Might is a true-blue hero, who always has a smile on his face no matter the danger, and keeps his promises to protect people.  He has Chronic Hero Syndrome, often helping out random people who need help even if it delays him from other duties.  All-Might is very protective of his students--the only time he has been seen to scowl is when the Villain Alliance threatened the children.  (The lesser members of the Alliance quickly regretted seeing that scowl.)  In appearance, costume and behavior, he's very inspired by the Silver Age of Comics, as has been noticed even by his post-Millenial students.  The one worry All-Might has is that the villain who maimed him may return before Deku is fully trained.


From a Teen Champions perspective, All-Might is the "we win" button for the good guys, but one that has inherent limitations on his use, and who will become less available as the player characters learn to stand on their own feet.

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Shouta Aizawa "Eraserhead"


A former professional superhero who did a lot of undercover work and shuns the spotlight, now a teacher at Yuuei High.  He has worked with All-Might in the past, but they don't particularly get along.


Mr. Aizawa is a formidable martial artist who specializes in fighting large groups of mooks.   He wears a long, extra-strong scarf which he uses as a weapon.  He's very observant, and a decent teacher when he finds a student that he feels has sufficient potential.  In combat, he dons a pair of shades that make it difficult to tell where he's looking.


Quirk:  Mr. Aizawa has the power to "erase" other people's quirks by looking at them; this power is continuous as long as he continues looking at them, until he blinks or chooses to turn off the power.  He cannot erase permanent body transformations--if you can turn your hands into claws, he can force them back into hands, but if you just permanently have claws, he can't.  Also, the longer he uses his power before blinking, the longer it will take before he can use the power again (only seconds, but in Champions combat terms...)   Finally, he suffers from dry eye and using his powers for extended periods is physically painful.


Mr. Aizawa is physically lazy, preferring to exert himself as little as possible and can fall asleep anywhere.  He takes little care for his personal appearance and often looks unhygenic and disheveled, easily passing for a homeless person.  He hates the "fame" side of superheroing and often goes unrecognized by those who don't make a difficult KS: Superheroes roll.  Mr. Aizawa is a harsh teacher, who will not hesitate to flunk a student who has insufficient potential, or who isn't trying as hard as they can.  His high praise is more the absence of criticism.  He is also quite willing to lie to a student to extract their best performance.


Eraserhead is the "way more powerful/competent than they look" type, and can be a dangerous opponent for a character who spent more points on awesome powers than on skills to back them up.

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Recovery Girl (Civilian name unrevealed)


Recovery Girl was a superhero in her youth, but apparently went into nursing before she was forced to change to "Recovery Woman."  She's the school nurse at Yuuei High.  She is aware of All-Might's physical issues, and the true nature of One for All.


In addition to her quirk, Recovery Girl is a fully-qualified professional nurse, able to handle most of the medical issues that come up in day-to-day school life.  She's familiar with the special issues various quirks cause for health care.  


Quirk:  Recovery Girl can kiss it better; her smooches speed up the body's natural healing process (Regeneration usable by others) but cannot bring back lost body parts, and the process exhausts the patient's energy.  She also is able to stretch her lips up to a foot away to make kissing easier.


Recovery Girl is a sweet, tiny old lady (Age: 60+) who walks with a cane, and her visor may be prescription.  She's grandmotherly towards the students, but isn't afraid to dispense a little tough love when it's needed.  (She has refused to set any more of Deku's bones broken by the use of his power, one factor in him getting serious about control.)  Recovery Girl is also unafraid of calling out the teachers when they endanger their students or otherwise are acting foolish.


Recovery Girl is primarily a way of enabling the Teen Champions player characters to get hurt without it meaning excessive down time.  She can also be used for grandmotherly advice, and her powers can lead to some comedy.  (And possibly a student could find an old photograph of her from the Golden Age and discover that she used to be quite a looker.)

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Back to the students.  I'm not doing stats as you'll need to fit them in your campaign standards anyhow.


Can't Stop Twinkling (Yuuga Aoyama)


Nothing is known of Aoyama's background before coming to Yuuei High.  His rather silly power and odd behavior provoked some snickers, but he's actually quite competent.  He's more socially observant than he comes across as.


Aoyama has excellent aim with his laser, and has at least a basic vocabulary in French.


Quirk:  "Navel Laser" allows Aoyama to shoot a powerful laser from his belly button.  Sustained use takes a toll on his abdominal muscles, and he will collapse if he overuses it.  Aoyama can fly using the recoil, but only in straight lines.  His Can't Stop Twinkling costume allows him to redirect the laser through lenses on his elbows or knees instead.  He hasn't practiced much with this, so his aim is a little less sure if he does this.


Aoyama is rather vain and an attention-seeker, but has enough healthy self-confidence that he can handle the mild teasing of his classmates.  He's somewhat handsome, but mostly spends more time on his appearance than many of his classmates to make himself look very handsome.  He likes peppering his speech with French.


Distinctive Features:  Aoyama sparkles in the light like a Twilight vampire.  His laser beams also twinkle.


(Aoyama's a good target for bullies who assume he's a harmless fop, and then face his frickin' laser beam.)

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Creaty (Momo Yaoyoruzu)


Blessed with high intelligence and a versatile quirk, Momo was actively recruited by Yuuei High and did not have to take the entrance exams.  Impressing her classmates with her keen mind and well-developed rack, Momo became the class vice-president.  Her self-confidence took some hits over the year, but she recently passed the final exam for the semester with flying colors.


Momo is observant and intelligent, with the highest grades in the scholastic subjects for her class.  She knows Tactics, KS: Materials Science, Style Analysis and is a fair staff fighter.


Quirk: "Creation" allows Creaty to create any non-living object out of the air.  However, she can only create objects she already understands the properties of; she can't make new inventions from her imagination.  Thus much of Creaty's downtime is spent learning the properties of various materials, and the functions of various devices.  (VPP, all powers must have Focus, limited to objects she's already studied.)  Her objects appear "out of her chest" but do not seem to draw mass from her--thus she wears a cleavage-baring costume, and large or irregularly-shaped objects have been known to tear her blouse.  (At a guess, she can't make anything that would not fit through her torso space.)  Among the things she's made are staves, swords, insulating blankets, memory metal ribbons, exploding nesting dolls....It does not appear that she's been allowed to handle firearms yet.


Creaty is most comfortable when she's analyzing things, and is relatively inexperienced in combat, as well as somewhat naive.  Despite her costume, she's uncomfortable showing off the rest of her body and dislikes Mineta's perviness.  Due to her relatively poor showing in combat over the year, she had a self-confidence slump going into the final exam.  (It was character development for Shouto that he not only noticed, but took the time to sincerely listen to her problem and boost her mood, and accept her plan for the exam.)

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Invisible Girl (Tooru Hagakure) "Susan Richards isn't using the name anymore so I figured why not?"


We know nothing of Invisible Girl's background; she has never been a focus character.


In addition to being invisible, Tooru is skilled at moving quietly (Stealth.)  However, while none of her classmates have extended spectrum vision, a couple do have superhuman hearing which negates this advantage.  Presumably she has some combat skills, and it's been hinted that her quirk goes beyond normal invisibility in some way.


Quirk:  Invisible Girl is permanently completely invisible.  She cannot make clothing or equipment invisible, so her normal "costume" is just gloves and boots, and she discards those when she really wants to be stealthy.  On the other hand, she has no vision problems and undigested food becomes invisible.  (As of yet, no one in the Academia world has developed invisible cloth.)  It's been hinted there's more to her quirk than we have seen.  


Invisible Girl is spunky and fun-loving.  She doesn't mind wearing "revealing" clothing and has been known to tease boys a little by getting them to remember that she's naked.  Tooru expressed mild disappointment when Minoru didn't list her among the girls he wanted to peep on.


Distinctive Features:  Because of her world's culture, Tooru makes no attempt to hide her invisibility.  In other worlds, a school uniform floating around with no one in it is going to raise eyebrows.

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I hope you're enjoying these!


Red Riot (Eijirou Kirishima)


Little is known of Kirishima's background, although he's a long-time fan of Scarlet Riot, an earlier superhero with a similar quirk.  He's the only member of the class who's made an effort to be friends with Bakugou.


Red Riot is in good shape and a decent hand to hand combatant; as of yet he does not have a good grasp of tactics, but is smarter than he acts.


Quirk:  Red Riot has the ability to harden his skin to the point he can survive having tons of steel dropped on him.  He can harden it all at once, or in selective areas.  One use is hardening his hands with their sharp nails to use as a spearhead.  (He has a permanent small scar near one of his eyes from nicking himself before he figured out how his powers work.)  He is one of the few students in his class who does not appear to have any downsides to his power.


Kirishima is a big believer in "manliness" and aspires to being "a true man."  He goes around shirtless in his costume to show off his pecs and abs, directly charges at dangerous situations, and generally acts macho.  Kirishima is thick-skinned, and insults just roll off, so he can put up with Bakugou.  He does, however, consider his quirk kind of boring, and has a rivalry with Tetsutetsu, another student with very similar powers.

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Chargebolt (Denki Kaminari)


Another of the students whose background and motivations haven't been revealed yet.


Kaminari is kind of dim, even when not suffering from  his quirk, but is good at vocabulary.  He has some skill at hand-to-hand combat.


Quirk:  "Static Buildup" allows Chargebolt to coat his body with electricity, making him a living taser.  He can't project the electricity, but can do an Explosion Hole in the Center No Range attack.  Pushing his power has the Side Effect 2d6 INT Drain, which leaves him severely mentally challenged.


Kaminari is a confident, laid-back fellow.  He's not as pervy as Minoru, but the other boy often talks him into stupid behavior towards girls.  He has a black "lightning bolt" streak in his blond hair; we don't know if it's natural or dye.

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Pinky   (Mina Ashido; she wanted to be called "Alien Queen" but the school registry thought that was too scary.)


Another student who hasn't been focused on, but is very distinctive.


Ashido has a high DEX, and some knowledge of chemistry so that she can better use her powers.


Quirk:  "Acid" allows Pinky to spray a corrosive liquid from her hands; she is able to control its strength and viscosity.  One stunt she's learned is spraying a thin layer of acid on the ground to use as a slide ala Iceman's ice slides.  Pinky has Personal Immunity to her acid, and her superhero costume is resistant, but her regular clothing is vulnerable to spatters and splash effects.


Ashido is a nice friendly girl, but sometimes has less confidence in her career choice than the other students.  Her acid is a Killing Attack, and she has Code vs. Killing, so living opponents are a problem for her.


Distinctive Features:  Ashido has purplish-pink skin, black sclerae and pink irises, white hair (usually quite messy)) and small horns (like a Star Trek Andorian.)  In her world, just distinctive, but in others, people are going to be freaking, especially in the Marvel Universe.  She could easily pass as an alien.

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Thanks for letting me know people are still reading!


Froppy (Tsuyu Asui)


While we don't have her backstory, Tsuyu has been very clear about her motivation for becoming a superhero; she wants to go into marine rescue.


Even when Froppy has not activated the full potential of her quirk, she's a strong swimmer.  She's familiar with PS: Marine Rescue, and has some facility at hand-to-hand combat.


Quirk:  "Frog Form" makes Froppy a humanoid frog, with various frog-like abilities.  Her leg muscles give her superior jumping ability, she's a very agile swimmer (and may be fully amphibious), she has a long, strong sticky and prehensile tongue, and excellent peripheral vision.  Froppy can secrete a poisonous mucus from her stomach (it's a very mild poison that only stings a bit to normal humans) and swallow then regurgitate items up to at least the size of handcuffs.  Tsuyu can control how frog-like she appears, losing some of her top-end ability in exchange for walking normally on land.


Tsuyu is a very matter-of-fact person who speaks her mind honestly but not harshly.  She is not given to panic or rash decisions, and has a calming influence on her friends (you might want to give her a high Ego Roll.)  On the other hand, she's not very tactful and should not be made the party diplomat.  There's a running gag of Tsuyu lightly smacking Minoru for his perverted ways.


Distinctive Features:  Even at her most human-looking, Tsuyu has bulging eyes and a long tongue that is often sticking out of her mouth.  In Lovecraft-influenced worlds, she might be mistaken as having Deep One ancestry.


Froppy would make a good guest star character in a Teen Champions campaign that is having an aquatic-themed adventure.

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Grape Juice (Minoru Mineta)


Minoru was a short, shy kid in junior high who had no luck with girls.  He noticed that professional superheroes tended to be successful with women (and dig those skin-tight costumes on some of the female heroes!) Thus, he applied to and was accepted at Yuuei High.  He's found it tougher than he thought, and still has no luck with girls.


Minoru has excellent aim with his sticky balls (a couple of CSLs for throwing), and is a good runner.  He very pointedly has no points in Seduction (or Charm in Sixth Edition.)


Quirk:  Grape Juice has the ability to create purple "sticky balls" from his skin, pull them off and throw them.  (Entangle, one body part (whatever touches the ball), Sticky, Entangle and character both take damage.)  If Minoru's in good health, they will stay sticky up to 24 hours.  He has Personal Immunity, and his balls will just bounce off him if they're thrown back.  He can only pull off so many sticky balls a day safely, or he starts bleeding (Side Effect: takes Body damage.)  It's a high number, however.  Generally, Grape Juice prepares a number of balls in advance on his head, resembling a bunch of grapes.


Minoru is a massive and open pervert who stares directly at women's breasts, gropes them when he gets a chance and tries to peep on their locker room.   He does not connect this at all with his terrible luck with girls.  He's also rather cowardly, and his first option in combat is to run away crying.  Corner him, however, and he turns vicious.  He's working on becoming braver.


Distinctive Features:  Grape Juice is a good foot shorter than anyone else in class, not counting the balls on his head.  Even if they are not there, his hair is still a distinctive shade of dark purple.


(Due to cultural differences between Japan and the U.S., Teen Champions GMs may need to tone down his sexual harassment to make him acceptable as someone who hasn't already been kicked out of the school.) 

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Let's switch over to the adults again.


Present Mic


A teacher at Yuuei High, he also acts as the MC of any school event that needs one.  He was in the same graduating class as Eraserhead.


Present Mic has PS: Teacher and PS: Master of Ceremonies, Oratory, and can speak fluent English.  He's the English teacher at the school.  He's adept at using his quirk, with several CSLs.


Quirk: "Voice" which allows him to amplify his voice to the point it causes physical damage.  He wears a special costume with a mouthpiece that gives him better directional control.  (Line AoE rather than Cone, if he wants it.)


Present Mic is an enthusiastic man who enjoys shouting.  His catchphrase is "Everybody Say 'Hey'!"  He peppers his dialogue with random English words.  (In other settings, you may want to make his second language something else to keep the effect.)  Present Mic is afraid of crawling insects.

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Midnight (Nemuri Kayama)


Known as the "Mature Readers Heroine", Midnight has had a rather checkered career before becoming a teacher at Yuuei High.  Her S&M-themed costume is worn with a sheer "nude-colored" body stocking due to public decency laws forbidding her from running around with exposed breasts.


Midnight has PS: Teacher, PS: Dominatrix, Weapons Familiarity: Whips, Seduction (or Charm), and a couple of CSLs with her whip.  Also a high Comeliness or Striking Appearance: Sexy.


Quirk:  "Sleep Gas" allows Midnight to exude a perfumed gas from her skin that causes sleep in those that breathe it.  (AoE, No Range, Personal Immunity), it's more effective against biologically male humans (+xd6, Only vs. males), and the more exposed skin Nemuri has available, the stronger it is.  She will often tear her body stocking to facilitate rapid sleep.


Nemuri enjoys kinky sex (off-camera) and plays up to her fetish-object image.  Her primary weakness is that she is a sadist in the classic sense--she is aroused by the suffering of others and can be distracted by an opponent's pain or emotional distress, playing with them rather than achieving the goal.


Midnight may cause face-palming among more staid heroes.

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