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In the Turakian Age, everybody hates the Ulronai. It's a rule.


If you have a group of people everyone hates, there will surely be jokes about them.


I'd like to hear suggestions for Ulronai jokes. I'll start.



Q: How many Ulronai does it take to light a candle?

A: Why would they light a candle when they can sneak up on you in the dark?



Q: Why did the evil wizard hire a bunch of Ulronai mercenaries?

A: There are some things that Orcs just won't do.



Q: Why did the baron hire all the Ulronai males in his realm to tend his flock of sheep?

A; Hey, if they're flocking with the sheep they're not flocking their own women and making more Ulronai!



Q: Why should you never make fun of Ulronai to their faces?

A: I don't know about you but I don't want to be close enough to one to look them in the face.



Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: He saw an Ulronai coming.



Q: Why did the jester take off in such a hurry?

A: He saw the Ulronai coming too!


Lucius Alexander


Why are there Ulronai in the tagline? They're probably trying to steal the palindromedary.

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This is a concept that I never thought of, but it makes so much sense. Bravo, Lucius!



Q. What's good about having an Ulronai porter?


A. They always know the fastest route out of town.



Q. What's bad about having an Ulronai porter?


A. They take your luggage with them.



Q. What do Ulronai call a dagger?


A. A back scratcher.

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Q: What's the difference between a zombie and an Ulronai?


A: One is a shambling putrescent horror that poses a threat to all living things until it is mercifully destroyed, and the other is undead.


Lucius Alexander


What's the difference between a palindromedary and a backandforthtrian?

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Q:  Why did the elven wizard hire an Ulronai warrior as his bodyguard?

A:  Because the best way to thwart a bandit is to hire a better bandit.


Q:  Why did the Ulronai run from the storm could?

A:  Because they were afraid of taking showers.

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